Friday, April 21, 2006

Jiggsblog Grabs Dinner

Booty, Tasty and I had dinner last night. I made dinner for all of us which was fine because I wanted to cook and I owed Booty dinner anyway.

I made chicken and pasta with homemade tomato sauce. My tomato sauce had two cans of tomatoes, some fresh tomato, two chopped onions, a red bell pepper, finely chopped mushrooms, finely chopped spinach, lots of italian seasoning, garlic and red pepper.

For an appetizer, there was a small spinach salad, a couple of tomato and mozarella slices and I also battered some japanese eggplant in flour and milk and sauteed it, put some chopped tomato and a little bit of mozarella on that.

The picture shows me with the food. I should point out that I was smiling like a crazy person partially because I spent two hours cooking and partially because I'm a crazy person. Also I like the way my jaw looks in this picture.

We spent a good amount of time talking about the trip to vegas for our official jiggsblog summit. I can hardly wait.


Fred said...

put 10 on red for me.

Spinning Girl said...

I like a strong-jawed man who cooks.

Take me.

scumbag said...

the state of kansas hates you.

Anonymous said...

will strippers be involved in the jiggsblog summit?

The Husband said...

will strippers be involved in the jiggsblog summit?

Nick said...

Mighty fine eatables, sir. Well done.

miss kendra said...

if i have anything to say about it, there will indeed be strippers.

also, i love that you make dinner! when you make me dinner, there will be no cheese. when i make you dinner, the cheese will be on the side.

jamwall said...

aren't you glad i photoshopped you with food instead of the original photo of you smiling over that unconscious midget wearing the garter belt and bullet bra?

Nick said...

Presents for Jiggs Casey at The Sac.

Tits McGee said...

Your jaw makes me drool even more than the food does.

Ɯbermilf said...

I'd like to grab Jigg's "dinner," if you know what I mean.

jiggs said...

freddy: you're back you old slag!

spinner: take you where? ... OH! Next chance I get

scumbag: which hurts because I secretly am in love with the state of kansas. Why did this have to happen to me!

carl, anon: miss kendra says there will be strippers.

nick: thank you nick... I'm really taken aback by this positive comment.

miss kendra: when I make you dinner, there will be no cheese or milk.

jamwall: yup. cuz I don't want people thinking that I eat midgets for dinner regardless of whether I really do or not.

nick: those are fucking awesome.

tits: this is the only picture I have ever t aken in which my jaw actually looks masculine.

uebermilf: it's less of a dinner and more of a small snack. like a cheeto.

Nick said...

After my disparaging remark about the wonderful Mr. Lawrence yesterday, I felt that I owed you a little decency. Hence, my sincere words regarding your food and my contribution to the photgraphic history of The Legend Of Jiggs Casey.

Lilly said...

YUMMI YUMMI! [and that's coming from a vegetarian who doesn't eat chicken -- in other words: you do impress, Jiggsy!] :-D

NIFTY [that's a word I've just learned. I like it].

Good jaw, excellent burnz too! :-D

Brookelina said...

Lee Ann said...

Oh, looks so good! The food looks good too. ;)
I am impressed, I would love for you to come to the Castle and cook for me! do look cute in this pic!

jiggs said...

nick: I think everyone benefited from your efforts.

lilly: thanks lilly. nifty is a good word, though I kind of associate it with old people. Maybe I'll start calling things "fucking nifty". As I said, usually I look extremely feminine in photographs. in this photo, I almost look masculine, which is quite a step up.

brooke: pretty tasty too.

lee ann: flattery will get you everywhere!

Lilly said...

Aha! See I don't know these things because I am not a native speaker -- I just pick up bits and bobs from all over the place. Fucking nifty. I like the sound of that ;-)

You usually look extremely feminine in photos? Come on!! I find that very hard to believe, Jiggs!!! A good looking bloke who can also cook -- now that is something females find extremely attractive!

Lee Ann: I'll second that! ;-)

jiggs said...

lilly: If you were to say "nifty" it would be cute. "Fucking nifty" amuses me because there is a register clash.

Also, as I said to lee ann: flattery will get you everywhere.

Lilly said...

Cheers, Jiggs -- I'll hold on to that 'nifty' word then! :-)

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

Yay, a Jiggs picture. :)

Your dinner looks fab.

Tumbleweed said...

Nice teeth and beautiful eyes, mmmm! Was I supposed to be talking about food? I got distracted....happens all the time!

jiggs said...

lilly: word up

poof: yay. how tall are you poof?

tumbleweed: yay for braces. although I didn't wear my retainer for long enough and now i have a slight cap tween my front teeth.