Saturday, April 08, 2006

I got the one that tastes like toothpaste

I went to go see Jim Gaffigan last night in the city. He is fucking hilarious. And he is much more pale in real life than he is on tv.

You know a stand-up comedian is talented when he can keep the crowd laughing through a 10 minute bit on hot pockets. Those that were familiar with his act even cheered when he started on the hot pockets bit.


SignGurl said...

Mmm...Hot Pockets. Nature's first food.

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

I love Hot Pockets. I have to eat the Lean Pockets though or I'll feel bad, and frankly, they're just not as good. The meatball one is my favorite. I love the balls.

Lee Ann said...

Gosh, I haven't had hotpockets in such a long time.
I would have loved to hear his gig on it.

miss kendra said...

i've never had a hotpocket.

they all contain cheese.

you weep for me.

jiggs said...

signgurl: What are you gonna pick?

poof: if you love hotpockets, I don't know if you would have liked his bit. At one point he refers to them as diarrhea pockets.

lee ann: he is on tv pretty frequently. on late night talk shows. if you're up late you might be able to catch it.

sassafras: willow weep for thee.

Zombie Lou said...

Lou Reed's anus has been referred to as a Hot Pocket before.

Spinning Girl said...

I must investigate; I love great comedy.

jiggs said...

lou: i was the one that coined "hot pocket" to refer to your anus.

spinner: Tasty and I both highly recommend Gaffigan.

Tumbleweed said...

I always have something hot in my pocket....oh wait, maybe that's my pants. Anyway, we should get our hot pockets together for an afternoon snack *wink*.