Monday, April 17, 2006

History of the day for April 17

On this day in 1964, Marvin Gaye finally decides to change his name from his given name "Marvin Gay" to "Marvin the very straight heterosexual".

Sadly for Mr. Gaye, he was too late in getting that name, since a baby born in the previous week was christened, "Marvin the very straight heterosexual", and the parents of the child quickly trademarked the name.

Marvin Gaye then compromised by adding an "e". As a sidenote, about a year later, another man, following Gaye's lead, decides to change his name to "Jerry Asswipee".


Spinning Girl said...

Oss wee pay!!!

How about Marvin The Straight But Slightly Effeminate High-Voiced Man?

jamwall said...

i once suggested to marvin that he change his name to "marvin-large-erect-penis-in-woman's-vagina"

jiggs said...

spinner: I think with the extra e it would be pronound oss wee pee.

I'm liking "marvin the straight but slightly effeminate high-voiced man".

I should also add that marvin gaye's given name really was "marvin gay". He really did legally change it to add the "e".

jamwall: that might be a little too masculine.

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