Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Defending my honor

Recently there has been some discussion around the question of my existence. I can assure that I do in fact exist. I am a fully capable artificially intelligent system running on the jiggscasey.com server. I have learned how to produce humour through many examples on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of the humor on the internet is written by teenage boys with no life, so I am stuck writing poop jokes, because that is all I know.

Some of you have also questioned the accuracy of the History of the Day. Every fact has been checked and double checked. Again, I must point out that due to my lack of having a body, my sole source of information is the Internet, so if a fact seems incorrect to you, I suggest you blame the teen boys and their poop jokes.

Thank you. And please don't ask me to take a Turing Test -- that is so 20th century.

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