Thursday, April 20, 2006


It's a new word we made up! It's a cross between a gonad and a boner!
That chick was so hot, she gave me a bonad!
Of course, one can also say "bonard" which I like because it sounds like a french last name. Je suis M. Bonard.

Being brilliant is so exhausting!


Spinning Girl said...

mais oui.

Nick said...

mais non.

Did you also create a new definition for the word brilliant so that it means retarded.


scumbag said...

french is for gays.

The Husband said...

Carl Spackler officially endorses use of the word Bonad.

ps, i'm horny

The Husband said...

URGENT NEWS....I just read that today is joey lawrence's birthday!

Booty J Patrol said...

Today is Hitler's birthday too!

Booty J Patrol said...

Oh, and Carl, I think you've mentioned your hornyness problem twice now. Why don't you just check out some porn? I mean, the internet is for porn after all.

scumbag said...

i didn't know it was jiggs' birthday.

miss kendra said...

today is also le anniversaire du columbine.

je t'aime le nom "bonard."

The Husband said...

booty, you make a very valid point. maybe its time i do look at some online porn.

Spinning Girl said...

I made up a word, too.


Nick said...

Bonad est un mot stupide.

jiggs said...

spinner: work that french.


scumbag: oui.

carl: now that it has your certification, things are really gonna start picking up! Also thanks for the update!

booty: hitler, joey lawrence and marijuana!

scumbag: you bastard!

sassafras: I heart bonard too.

carl: for me, online porn is a twice daily event.

spinner: I have some ideas, but I don't want to jump to conclusions. what does wunt mean?

nick: Your face est un mot stupide.

Nick said...


Nick said...

Also, if Scum was comparing you to Hitler, (Which, I'm not sure if he was) it was the second time someone from Kansas has done that.

What the fuck did you do Kansas?

Lee Ann said...

Interesting word Jiggs!
I think that word fits better in that sample sentence than gonad. Doesn't it?

jamwall said...

its hard to walk around with this bonad. i need to insert my bonad into an oriface.

wow! that almost surpasses "dirty" and sounds kinda scientific and technical and shit!

jiggs said...

nick: People compare me to hitler all the time, but only the good parts of hitler.

lee ann: how true

jamwall: it does sound scientific! Insert bonad A into slot B.