Friday, April 28, 2006

Blog housekeeping

I finally got sick of how the blog links were structured. And so I broke them down into three subgroups: The Regulars (Daily commenters and blogs that I check out like every day), The Irregulars (People that stop by every once in a while) and R.I.P. (Dedicated to monkey and calzone).

Also I added Lilly to the links, which should have happened months ago. I blame Tasty for the oversight.

On lilly's blog, I saw a "how weird are you" quiz. As I was taking the test, it occurred to me that none of the questions really carried any insight on weirdness. Consider the following question from the test:

You would rather:
    • Have genital herpes
    • Be 50 pounds overweight


Friends of McDougal said...

Is tatsy at start-up school again?

jamwall said...

you can be 50 pounds overweight and still get laid on a frequent basis.

scumbag said...

i already have herpes.

ha! i'm a regular!


Lilly said...

Thanks a bunch, Jiggs -- I shall be updating my own links this weekend -- and I have already noted your blog down as a 'must link to this blog'-point on my wee note pad! Long overdue too.....we're both slack ;-) Better late than never. That's going to be my new slogan.

Yes -- that weirdness quiz was a bit rubbish!

Booty J Patrol said...

Tasty wasn't the one who went to Startup school -- that was me. And yes, I'll be there again.

allison said...

thanks for showing me the gimp bootsy. i'ts a bit tricky but i'm figuring it out.

Booty J Patrol said...

To be fair, Jiggs pointed it out first. :)

But we're glad we could help!

Tumbleweed said...

I'm only 40%, I was so sure it would be more!!

I'm a regular...can I be Norm?

TastyMcJ said...


The Husband said...

1- i'm honored to be under your "Regulars" category.

2- i'll take 50lbs overweight. herpes is nasty.

Booty J Patrol said...

50% wierd.

Ɯbermilf said...

Can I be in the "Women Harboring a Secret Crush" category?


Lee Ann said...

50 lbs. overweight...cause you can lose that, but herpes you have forever!

Jiggsy, I just remembered! Thursday night, you were in a dream of mine. I don't remember it clearly. I think you popped your head (and that would be the real you, not Joey) around a corner and said hey and started laughing. I don't remember too much after that. I think it was my subconscious thinking about that picture with your face all over it that you posted the other day.
I remember now, that I was laughing after you did that (but that is all I remember).
Oh, I noticed your links...YAY!

amera hearts said...

1. i'd rather be 50 pounds over wight ebcause i could get rid of it if i had too! herpes is with you for life!

2. what do i need to do to have a better blog? i'm stumped.

3. i love vegas.

allison said...

amera- when in doubt i like to post celebrity gossip.

scumbag said...

drinking, cussing and being a bit racist has done wonders for our blog amera.

Booty J Patrol said...

If you are into celeberty gossip, you might want to check out

allison said...

thx..i'll check it out

jiggs said...

mcd: as booty suggests below, yes, he will be at start up school.

jamwall: I'm with you, but what if the trade-off had been 150 pounds overweight?

scumbag: do you go rockclimbing, horseback-riding and parasailing a whole lot?

lilly: rubbish with a capital "bish"

booty: word

ap: you are welcome

booty: double word

tumbleweed: WEED!!!


carl: a lot more people have herpes than everyone thinks. It's like 10-20% I heard.

booty: that's why I don't trust the test

uebermilf: I wouldn't be able to love you like DILF loves you. But I am a fantastic lay.

lee ann: you're periodically in my dreams too. Actually they're less dreams and more fantasies.

amera: I say, if you like the way your blog is, you shouldn't change a thing. and vegas is a great place for a 2 day vacation.

ap: i learned about denise richards/richie sambora through you.

scumbag: Don't forget mysogyny!

booty: lipstick, eh?

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

Sweet. I made the cut. I think you're my only friend. Miss Kendra kindly visits my crap too. I feel undeserving...I mean even though I'm awesome. Yeah, nevermind, I rule.

miss kendra said...

this is the first time i've been regular without the aid of a drink mix and/or large pill.

i'm so excited i could poop!

(grandpoof rules)

allison said...

so i'm at my friend clayton's house and he has a desktop and i forgot how wonderful and easy using a mouse is. especially with the little scroll wheel........although i just learned a new trick on my powerbook. putting your index and middle finger together and moving up and down or left and right moves the page. it's little discoveries like that!! they make my day.

Sysm said...

C'mon. I've been douche-free for weeks now. And I blogrolled you long ago.

Tits McGee said...

Can I choose both? I choose both.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, right?

jiggs said...

poof: poof rules!

sassafras: poop rules!

ap: you must get a mouse just for carpal tunnel stuff

sysm: It's nothing intentional, you just don't comment here very often.

tits: stop it, you're both right!