Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A 1000th post extravaganza!

There comes a time in every young blog's life when it turns 1000. And for jiggsblog, that time is now. THAT TIME IS NOW!

Of course technically speaking, this is the 1003rd post, but let's not split hairs here man. It's time for EXTRAVAGANZA!

I celebrated with Tasty by going to Wendy's. Then I came home and took a two hour nap. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

They don't have mustard at Wendy's. What the hell is that? It's like Wendy's has totally sold out to the evil cabal that is the mayonaise consortium.

Have you heard that new Steven Hawking rap song? It's called "Lou Gehrig is my bitch!"

Have you seen Scott Bakula? Did he fall into a depressive funk? Cuz he has really let himself go since Enterprise got cancelled. It's sad.

This was the worst extravaganza ever.


American Navel said...

new navel pics on my blog

Nick said...

Scott Bakula looks all Jacob Marlow from A Christmas Carol.

Mustard sucks nards.

scumbag said...

no, scott bakula looks like that homeless guy down the street always offering to suck people off for food scraps and cigarettes.

The Husband said...

well congrats on the big 1000! thats quite an accomplishment. this day will go down in history as JIGGSBLOG DAY!
wooooooo to the mutha f'n hooooooo!

Tumbleweed said...

Navel is always over here pimpin his blog. Today is supposed to be about Jiggs blog...shame on you! Get your alter egos in check!

What was the show that Scott Bakula was in where he traveled in time? I really liked that one!! I think time travel took its toll on him, that's why he looks so shity.

miss kendra said...

quantum leap! i love that show!

i hate my new job. hate hate hate hate

Booty J Patrol said...

Quantum Leap was one of my all time favorite shows. And the main character even had the same birthday as me!

I hope our 1 year extravaganza is better than this.

Tits McGee said...

I liked the episode of Quantum Leap when Scott Bakula sang songs from "Man of La Mancha."

That was fuckin' sexy.

Lee Ann said...

I heart you Jiggsy.

Ɯbermilf said...

I'm so proud of my special little guy! This calls for haiku:

Jiggs fills me with joy
My soul cries out in gladness
From one thousand posts

My precious Casey
Who makes the stars shine brighter
With his wise insights

Oh, my proudest day
When I busted the Jiggs myth
I know he's Adam

scumbag said...

no, he's joey lawrence.

Spinning Girl said...

I read this post in the morning and had a great laugh, but nothing intelligent to add.

I was hoping the day would change that.


But still ... I laughed.

TastyMcJ said...

Turns out it's just those douchebags at the Wendy's we went to last night.

the big bacon classic is supposed to have mustard on it, according to the website.

Nick said...

Bakula's from Kansas.

jiggs said...

navel: true dat

nick: your face sucks mustards nards! See how I changed that one up a little. I'm so creative.

scumbag: That's where Bakula and I differ. I would only suck people off if I needed some crack.

carl: preach it carl! Also, you haven't joked about anal sex in a while. Is something wrong?

tumbleweed: I respect Navel's right to pimp his stylios.

The show that bakula was in (as miss k points out) was called "quantum leap".

miss k: I'm sure that you will either grow fond of your job or it will turn into a daily 8 hours of torture from which you will be scarred long after you retire...

One of those two at least. You can complain about your job to me in person when we're in vegas!

booty: me too.

tits: you totally want to do it with scott bakula.WOOOOO!

lee ann: I heart you too lee ann! How long till you hit 1000 posts?

uebermilf: I'm your special little guy!

scumbag and uebermilf: scumbag has delusions of lawrence and uebermilf has delusions of mythbusters. I suggest that you have some sort of contest to determine which persona I will take on.

tasty: I just want to punch that guy in the face! That lying sack of crap!

nick: the pride of kansas: scott bakula

Spinning Girl said...

What the fuck?!?!?!?!?

I am so outta here.

jiggs said...

spinner: I am an ass. a forgetful ass. A forgetful ass that forgets to respond to the most complimentary comment that he received.

I am a douche.

jamwall said...

jiggsy wiggsy boy, the way you totally dissed spinnerina made me sad like a pathetic crying drooling scott bakula.

someone quantum leap on my penis.

Lee Ann said...

Oh, I like mustard over mayonaise anyday!

I just passed my 200th post not too long ago. I am at 211 to be exact. Gosh, I have 789 more to go to get to 1000. My one year blogging anniversary is coming up on June 29th! I have had nearly 41,000 visitors in my first 10 months...YAY!
Do I get to celebrate a big one before 1,000 since I don't have anyone in my blog group except me?
Will you go to Wendy's with me to celebrate on that day? :) (For real, wouldn't that be cool?)
1,000...that is awesome Jiggsy!

Lilly said...

Oh I am SUCH a huge Scott Bakula fan -- but where the heck did you get this photo from?

I fancy the pants off him in Quantum Leap!

jiggs said...

jamwall: did you ever see that episode of quantum leap where he jumps into a man's junk?

lee ann: if we go to wendy's we could totally split a frosty. I think you should have a blog anniversary with every 100 posts.

lilly: i bet you do want to fancy the pants off of scott bakula. The photo is real. He's in some kind of a play that requires him to look shabby I think. Shenendoah or something like that.

allison said...

Who the hell is Scott Bakula?

Lilly said...

Allison, THIS is Scott Bakula!