Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yesterday was a good day.

My crazy ploy to get monkey back worked!

Also Brooke has offered me sex!

I had burritos and brownies for dinner!

And I watched mythbusters.

Yesterday would have been perfect if not for the rain.


CheyenneWay said...

not a comment

Spinning Girl said...

I think you were right, it took a dramatic move to call him out. You are brilliant. Thank you so much for doing it. Hoping I can join you & Brooke and rock both your worlds with my jiggly ass.

Brookelina said...

Yesterday was an awesome day, unless you count work. Then it sucked.

Sex with Jiggs, burritos, brownies, and Spinning life has finally found its purpose.

scumbag said...

i forgot what i was gonna say.

Monkey said...

You are a nefarious, evil man... and I love you for it.

Now, scratch my belly.

Ɯbermilf said...

I don't know how anyone could say mean things about Monkey.

Look at his fans! Sweet, lovable Monkey.

miss kendra said...

you are a genius of the highest level.

and burritos? i'm jealous.

The Husband said...

i heart jiggs.

jiggs said...

chey: not a response

spinner: If you do join us, my world will be rocked.

brooke: you're right. work sux. I am a big fan of your purpose!

scumbag: It's ok. I forgot how I was gonna respond.

monkey: I am evil. the belly scratching will commence... NOW!

uebermilf: true dat

sassafras: gracias. sometimes burritos are just what the doctor ordered.

carl: I heart carl. Now let's go an be gay together.

Lilly said...

That's good to hear, Jiggs. Don't worry about the rain -- just get an umbrella, mate!

MythBusters -- yeeeooohhh :-D

allison said...

glad you had a good day

Anonymous said...

Nice work Mr Jiggs!

I missed the memorial so I'm going to add my monkey adoration here. I adore you monkey and its great to see you're still around... even if I did have to point out that this was in fact a drawing and not a brain scan.

Hope you come back from deep disney cover soon.

jiggs said...

lilly: I threw that mythbusters part in just for you. It's also really amusing that you speak British English.

AP: thanks ap

anon: glad to have you around.

Tumbleweed said...

umm, I have offered you sex too...I may just have to take it back now.

jiggs said...

You didn't offer me sex on the day in question, however.

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

mmmm...burritos and brownies.

I have a slight crush on Adam Savage.'s more like massive.

jiggs said...

poof: adam savage is awesome though my crush mythbusters crush is kari.

Lilly said...

Thanks, Jiggs -- the MythBusters part certainly didn't go by unnoticed ;-)

British English -- hmm...I guess I do. I use more letters than you guys: colour. I tend to use the letter 's' instead of 'z': optimise. And I pronounce the 'h' in the word herb :-) -- I've lived and worked in both England and Scotland for about 5 years in total. That may have something to do with it.

Here's a wee bit of Scottish English too: Ah dinnae ken.

slappy said...

And with that, young Jiggs had fallen in love. It doesn't hurt that you are a photographic negative. He thinks negatives are hot.

slappy said...

That comment wasn't even close to coherent. My apologies. Writing my thesis is melting my brain.

2 weeks till I turn in the thesis
6 weeks till defense
7 weeks till Vegas

Lilly said...

Slappy, never underestimate the power of incoherency!

What's the subject of your thesis?

*Good luck* :-)

slappy said...

Thanks, Lilly!


Co-oxidation in supercritical water: methylphosphonic acid-ethanol and ammonia-ethanol model systems


I burn things in water.

Lilly said...

LOL LOL LOL @ the translation bit [which I really did need] :-D

That sounds awesome, Slappy! Almost like something The Mythbusters would try out....hehe...

Hope you manage to cool down your brain and get back into thesis-mode. I know it can be tough! I finished mine in August last year.

Hang in there! :-) It'll be worth it like!

Off to bed [it's April 2 here. Just past midnight. I've had a wee bit too much red wine....zzz].....g'nite.