Sunday, March 19, 2006

pants pants pants

Tasty and I just got back from a bar. We saw pants pants pants perform and it turned out that it was the drummer (oliver)'s birthday which was awesome because someone brought cupcakes for everyone in the bar. I had two cupcakes.

Also, one of the opening acts was this woman named Bridget Martin who played solo acoustic guitar and has a great voice.

Also this weird old drunk woman kept saying "the band really needs you to dance" and she smelled bad and creeped me out. And I wanted to say "you're not associated with the band you old drunk whore." And it was extra irritating because the band that was playing while she was trying to get people to dance was like a neil young cover band and she was trying to get people to dance during "heart of gold".


Spinning Girl said...

I am frightened, yet fascinated, by old skanky whores.

Also, I love me some cupcakes.

jiggs said...

I was just frightened.

Ɯbermilf said...

At least she didn't put your hand down her pants.

jamwall said...

i thought you were talking about meliferous pants.

The Husband said...

i love pulling up to those homeless fuckers who are on the streets and begging for money...i drive up and roll down the window and ask them how much to suck my crank and shit. they look at me like i'm crazy. meanwhile, while i'm distracting them my friend gets out of the car and beats the shit out him. good times i tell you...especailly after you are all hopped up on blow.

jiggs said...

uebermilf: you're always pointing out the bright side.

jamwall: nope.

carl: that's a good story. I would have liked it better if you had also snorted coke off a dutch hooker's ass.