Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Monkey Memories

Monkey is lost and it doesn't look like he's coming back. I have missed monkey's charm and wit and need some closure. So I went back to remember all the good times monkey and I shared. Here are some of my favorites:
Lots of other people have monkey memories too. If you have some, you can post them in the comments section. Or if you want to make your own post about monkey memories, post your link in the comments section so others can find their way to you.


GrandPooOfAwesome said...


Spinning Girl said...

I wrote a little montage, though it's only the tip of the iceberg as Monkey memories go. It's over on
The Spinning Bed.

I don't like your first sentences, though. I don't think Monkey is lost, or gone forever. I think he is resting. Life is hard, you know! And if you have closure, what will you do when he returns? Can you re-open what is closed?

'Cause you know your hoo-hah will be gaping wide open, ready to take him back in. He just gets in, that way. He can be very charming.

Knitty Kitty said...

Mine is up.
I hope he isn't gone forever either.

Brookelina said...

Mine is up, I will be checking all of yours out while I'm at school - pretending to be working.

Ɯbermilf said...

Monkey sang Cher for me.

I wrote a post for her that I re-printed.

Nick said...


JLee said...

I am so gonna cry right now, dammit

scumbag said...

here's mine:

Clowny the Clown said...

i eat monkies.

Tumbleweed said...

I did one too! I even have pictures to go with it. Long live Monkey!!

Sis B said...

I wrote one, too, although I didn't share specific memories.

Sis B said...

And I'm with JLee... I'm all teary now.

Lee Ann said...

Ahhhh, that is sad Jiggsy!

Monkey said...

Jiggs my friend, my mudbrother, my partner in crime. I feel terrible for not letting everyone know where I have been.

Two things happened and one of them was too hard to post about. The looney toon returned and posted hurtful things about my human on her blog. (Back in February.) She thought that I, Monkey and my human were behind some nefarious plot to ruin her life. So she posted about my human. "this person is truly mentally ill and on so many medications she doesn't know what she's doing."

My human was shocked and not a little frightened. I thought it best to go underground for a while, into deep, deep cover until it was over.

So I got a job at Disney World, as an animitronic monkey. I was fired last week when they found all my poop stuffed into a grouping of plastic plants. Oh well.

I'm coming back. I am.

Calzone told me about this today and I had to come see. You are all so kind and sweet that my human is crying and getting my fur all wet. Damn you all. Now I have to go into the washing machine.

I still love you though.

Monkey said...

P.S. My human wears her Monkeys Against Pat shirts almost every night.

miss kendra said...

monkey wears my pants.

i never made pants before.

i will post soon.

miss kendra said...


my love for monkey will be heard round the world!

:phil: said...

I remember Monkey being a big fan of Little Billy.
"Beautiful, Just fucking beautiful"
Monkey would say...
You Rock Monkey!

The Husband said...

what the hell happened to monkey?

Tits McGee said...

Hooray! Monkey lives!!!

Brookelina said...

Jiggs, you did it!! You brought him back!! We all owe you a blowjob.

jiggs said...

poof: awesome

spinner: sometimes you got to be dramatic if you want dramatic things to happen

knitty: we know by now that he isn't. yay!

brooke: sweet

uebermilf: milfy style

nick: hilarious.

jlee: I hope it's tears of joy because monkey popped up!

scumbag: wicked gay

clowny: monkeys taste like hoohah

tumbleweed: brass monkey!

sis: go sis.

lee ann: it was sad. but how he has pooped up again (heehee)

monkey: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry that all that poop happened to you. Looney tune is good at ruining stuff and I don't like him/her.

I'm looking forward to more mischief with you monkey in the near future.

Damn us all indeed. Now jump in the wash to get clean. And I heart you.

miss k: sassafrassy!

:phil: you rock

carl: monkey was awol, but it looks like he might be the opposite of awol now. Is the opposite of "awol", "wol"?

tits: hooray!!!!

a blowjob from brooke...

SignGurl said...

I'm so glad I made it here today! Yay! Monkey's ok! You go little feller!

josh williams said...

Monkey I made a special pie for you!

Sysm said...

Here's mine.

Christophe said...

Slow day in the blog world?

jiggs said...

signgurl: you go girl

josh: I like pie

sysm: that's an awesome a canoe

christophe: thanks for visiting.

Zombie Lou said...

Lou Reed thinks Christophe is jealous.

Christophe can't handle someone else getting attention.

Everyone loves Monkey. No one loves Christophe. Because he's a self-centered prick.

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