Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I heart the BAoJ

The rumblings have begun deep inside mount blogosphere. BAoJ rumblings.

We have had two suggestions: from capn scumbag. from miss k.

Vote for your preferred hit.

I love BAoJ time on the blog because I don't have to think of something to write!


TastyMcJ said...

I Vote for A DOUBLE HEADER!!!!!!!

Our Horn is so nice, it should be felt twice!

Fred said...

as if mc hammer won't be hit. you know its.... hammertime.

Übermilf said...

I am confused my MC Hammer. That girl is a snotty bitch and needs to be taken down a peg.

A full peg, I say!

FRITZ said...

I don't fucking get it. Did you purposely put that chick's blog up to LOSE?
A. She makes LESS sense than me
B. She needs to be taken down a peg or two by Ubermilf
C. MC Hammer, while adroit, obtuse and stupid, is FAR more entertaining than her

The Husband said...

wow, tough call. hammer looks like a total that gets my vote.

by the way, i have that kelly clarkson song "becuase of you" going through my head...does that make me gay?

miss kendra said...

i would like to withdraw my nomination. as vile as she is, she seems to be responding to my attempts to smooth things over between the two groups.

i hate to do this, but i don't want to rile her up again. i just want her to leave the nice girls alone.

Übermilf said...


Can we attack Fat Drunken Cupid? Please?

marie said...

How delicious!

FRITZ said...

For Miss Kendra:

I retract all statements.

But I still vote for Da Hammer.

Nick said...

Even though I officially resigned, I would totally attack Fat Drunken Cupid.

jiggs said...

tasty: perhaps we need to do a doubleheader to reignite that baoj fire

fred: I have always wanted to recite the lyrics of ice ice baby to vanilla ice

uebermilf: one vote for the bitch

fritz: I didn't purposefully do anything. I act in a completely random way. Actually pseudorandom (nerd joke in the hizzy)

carl: no carl, listening to kelly clarkson doesn't make you gay. They way you have sex with men, however, does make you gay.

miss k: withdrawal of a candidate carries a $10 fine

uebermilf: fat drunken cupid is now being offered as a replacement candidate. $10 fine is being removed.

marie: delicious indeed

fritz: please fritzy don't hurt him.

nick: when did you resign? How did I, the figurehead president of the BAoJ, not hear about a member of the BAoJ tribunal resigning! Where's calzone? Did he resign too?

Nick said...

Yep. He resigned too.

Nick said...

See this post, for details.

Nick said...

Jiggs, I'm fucking bored. Come entertain me, dammit.

jamwall said...

looks like it'll have to be mc hammer (of the two choices). i can't find miss k's blog.

Übermilf said...


We gotta.

jamwall said...

oh yeah!

i've seen him around!

good choice!