Saturday, March 25, 2006

History of the day for March 25

In 1668 sir isaac newton gets hit with an apple, not in the head as the story goes, but in the crotch. Because of that experience, he not only thinks of gravity, but is also the first to think up the long running hit television show, America's Funniest Home Videos almost 200 years before the invention of the video tape. Sadly, because of the lack of home video cameras, he was never able to fufill his dream of producing his own TV show and he died, a bitter, childless 85 year-old virgin. Man, was that Newton guy a genius. I mean come on! America's Funniest Home Videos! I could watch a man getting hit in the crotch over and over again and still think it was funny (I mean, as long as the hits to the groin were unpredictable and in progressively more painful methods).


Spinning Girl said...

The best part of AFV, by FAR, is the riveting narration.

jiggs said...

true spinner. true.
Saget is making a movie called farce of the penguins, and he will doing some of the voice over work in that too.