Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gamble. Woo.

So we're going to Vegas as Jiggs has mentioned. There will be various forms of degenerate entertainment, gambling among them. I am a poker player (cf. article here), and Booty is a craps player - primarily because craps allows him to look cool.

I'd like to open up the voting to the JiggsBlog community: What game should Jiggs play in Vegas? Do you see him as a roulette monkey? Maybe you have a Bond fixation and want to see him at the baccarat/chemin-de-fer table. Perhaps he should meet Vegas's Asian community and play some Pai Gow. Or he could always kick it at the Bellagio Keno Lounge (a traditional haunt for us).


Nick said...

As a roulette player, I insist that you noy sully my game by allowing a douche the likes of Jiggs to play it.

Booty J Patrol said...

I play craps because I don't have to think about it. When I want to think, I play Blackjack.

I also like craps because it has big swings -- you either walk away a big looser or a big winner, but rarely break even. That's what gambling is all about.

Booty J Patrol said...

And by the way, friends don't let friends play roulette, so Jiggs can't play roulette. I think we should have him play casino war. I hear they have it at the Hooters Casino.

Lee Ann said...

Strip poker!
OOOOh wait a minute, I guess that is not one in Vegas, huh?

slappy said...

Two votes against roulette.

Lee Ann: I think you will have to invite Jiggs back to your hotel room for that.

Booty: I've always admired the amount of noise generated at a craps table. They sound like they're having the most fun in the place.

Brookelina said...

Craps. Come on, listen to the word.
I said craps. hehehe

Nick said...

Here's the thing about Craps, not even the best players in the world understand how the game operates. It's like the CalvinBall of the gambling world.

SignGurl said...

What about Blackjack? Someone's gotta cover that one.

slappy said...

Yeah, I've always felt that at a craps table people are just throwing dice and screaming - they have no idea what's going on. Occassionally the croup gives them more chips.

One benefit to blackjack is that we could call him Double Down for at least a month.

Nick said...

That's a much better nickname than doucheface.

Vest said...

life is a gamble, perchance to dream.

Booty J Patrol said...

Lee Ann: I'd be happy to play strip poker with you. One question for you though -- do you usually loose when you play?

Slappy: One of the main reasons I like craps is the team atmosphere and the cheering for each other. Since I understand both the rules of craps and the laws of probability, I know going in that I will more likely loose than win. I don't gamble to win. I gamble to have fun, and hope to break even.

Brooke: You said poop.

Nick: The rules are easy, the terms are hard. Do you know how long it tooke me to figure out what a "two way yo" was?

Vest: That was way to deep for me.

miss kendra said...

jiggs is clearly a black jack kind of guy.

plus i understnad that game, so when i get there and i'm all srunk and sluttily dressed, i can sit next to him watching and trying not to fall off my stool.

you guys so want me to meet you there.

Nick said...

I think she's already "srunk"

jiggs said...

nick: you play roulette? roulette is for pussies!

booty: you play craps? craps is for pussies!

lee ann: you play strip poker? I want to play strip poker with you!

slappy: woo ha! do they have $2 pai gow tables?

brooke: craps! I get it. It's like poo!

nick: I already stated my opinion of those that play craps.

signgurl: usually booty plays blackjack.

nick: doucheface isn't my nickname. It's my given name.

vest: true dat

miss k: it would be awesome if you went to vegas.

nick: sometimes you feel like a srunk. sometimes you don't.

slappy said...

$2 Pai Gow... probably at the Imperial. That would combine their two dominant themes of "Asian" and "Ghetto". Seriously, if anyone wants to stay on the Strip and pay about $5 a night for a room, try the Imperial.

Nick said...

I think you should legally change your name to Jiggs Doucheface Casey. If I was a multimillionaire, I would offer you a million dollars to do it for a year.

Nick said...

After I bought Sassafras a hospital.

miss kendra said...

you're so right. i am totally drunk. i haven't drank this much since i went home last. i remember there was a curb there. it was pretty. then it was covered in my puke.

i would like a hospital. thank you.

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs, I am not very good at poker. I have not played enough to really know how. If I do good, it would be beginner's luck!

....but you probably already knew that!

jiggs said...

slappy: the imperial is the greatest hotel on the grounds upon which the imperial sits.

nick: I would probably take you up on that since I have no integrity.

sassafras: I have never vomited on the street before. perhaps someday I will.

lee ann: I was hoping that you were not good at poker, but now I'm worried that you might be trying to hustle me.

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ That is the chance you have to take!
If I am good, then you would have to strip.
If I am not good, then I would have to strip.
In a guy's view wouldn't you be winning in both instances?
Either way for me, as modest as I you think I would be hustling?
Think about that!


jiggs said...

lee ann, I do think that you're a hustler. And to be honest, I would much rather you be naked and me clothed than the other way around.

Friends of McDougal said...

I am the fucking Cooler at the craps table.

I'm all blackjack and actually in the plus column (lifetime batting average).

I am a sucker for Roulette, but usually only play when I'm too drunk to play blackjack.

Tumbleweed said...

How about Go Fish or Old Maid? Do those have a big pay-out? I don't gamble much...but I do drink and watch other people gamble. Needless to say I don't learn much with all the drinking!

jiggs said...

mcd: I'm the fucking bomb at keno

tumbleweed: I'm not much of a gambler. I'm really much more of a sure money loser