Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Do men wax their nards?

If so, how do they not rip their balls off with the wax? Perhaps this is how I will get rid of my extra 1.5 balls.

Also any vegans out there? Cuz I'm wondering whether you think swallowing during oral sex is vegan.


Nick said...

This blog is better than coffee for waking me up.

Ɯbermilf said...

If you wax your pubes, where will you hide your M&M's?

scumbag said...

i hate australians.

mean black bitch said...

well ain't dis a den of honky ass trash!?!

miss kendra said...

i can answer this.

yes they do.

here in LA it's becoming more and more popular. the secret is to pull the skin taut while tearing the wax away. it hurts less.

as a woman who gets waxed and thinks it to be immensely painful, i suspect this is not for the weak. i hear nards are sensitive and shouldn't be unnecessarily fooled with.

if you have more questions, ask me! i know all!

Juliabohemian said...

You can wax any hair off of any body part. I think swallowing would not be admissable in the vegan diet because it contains animal proteins.

scumbag said...

i hate australians b/c one insulted my pal annabella. now being mature adults we're gonna take it out on this peckerhead. it's not affiliated w/ baoj b/c it's gonna be a non-stop barrage of insults w/o time limits or anything like that. go to this blog and let him have it:


do it for annabella!! and do it for america!!!!!

miss kendra said...

i also agree that vegand probably wouldn't swallow.

though theirs would allegedly taste the best.

The Husband said...

i think you have to be very, very careful with a razor or clippers.

jiggs said...

nick: thanks, douche.

uebermilf: genius level! I wish I had thought of that statement.

scumbag: but how can one hate the crocodile hunter!

mean black bitch: I'll have you know that I come from a long line of fine honkey trash. Also, I thought it was spelled "honkey".

sassafras: i see. so if you pull the skin tight, you won't injure the nards with the recoil... it still seems like a task that is beyond me.

julia: you're probably right. I wonder if that ever harms vegan/nonvegan relationships? Also, I agree that one can wax any part of the body, but the nards are so fragile that any rapid pulling motion seems like it would cause lots of damage.

scumbag: I did my best because I don't have any real vitriol.

sassafras: I have heard that lots of veggies and fruits does make one's naughty juices taste the best.

carl: if you have clippers, you don't have to be that careful as long as you have an attachment.

Budding Rose said...

Semen is very high in zinc, which is great for the immune system.

Speaking of which, I haven't had a cold in about 5 years.

Lee Ann said...

I saw a show, and they were visiting a waxing salon (I think I was flipping the channel because there is usually nothing on tv) but anyhow...the lady at the shop told the interviewer that men are coming in to get waxed more and more these days. She said she "grabs it like a stick shift" when she begins waxing men. Haha...I guess she just takes the controls!
I don't care what people say...waxing in the lower region~ OUCH!

jiggs said...

budding rose: I should get to know you better.

lee ann: while I kind of like the idea of a stickshift, OUCH!

jamwall said...

none of the women i've dated have ever gotten colds.

Seth said...

Jiggs never has a cold, either.

jiggs said...

jamwall: and here I have been wasting it instead of making people with weak immune systems eat it.

seth:I don't get colds, but ironically I spit, not swallow.