Saturday, March 04, 2006

Block party

Tasty and I saw the Dave Chappelle Block Party movie last night. It's really good and everyone should go see it.


nikki said...

Fucking Dave Chapelle. I don't do censored TV, so I could never stomach his show on Comedy Central, but Malcolm got me watchin 'em on DVD last year. 15 minutes into the first one I couldn't even breathe, and by the end of the DVD set NOone would watch them with me anymore. Also, I've found, eating a/or drinking are less than wise activities for Nikki during the Dave Chapelle show.

jiggs said...

I saw the Actor's Studio thing that James Lipton hosts when chappelle was on it. Chappelle seems like a pretty interesting guy even when he's not telling the hahas. Also James Lipton is funnier than you would have guessed.