Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Abu Ghraib ass

This is me doing my best Lynndie England impression over the weekend at a housewarming party.

Additionally, I'll try to link to everyone that said that they were going to do a monkey memories tomorrow. So if you guys want, link to my monkey memories post so that people can see everyone's monkey memories.


Fred said...

man, monkey and calzone are goners. my faith has been rattled. personally i've had less time to post as i've had to be looking for a job.

i hope ya'll havn't abandone my good self. my bad self would get angry. you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

motherfucking cheese for life yo.

Spinning Girl said...

That photo is pure genius.

I love Monkey and Calzone.

That is all.

scumbag said...

monkey was my n-word.

Nick said...

Where's the rest of your body.

Tumbleweed said...

Damn you're hot! I will totally....link.....you.

Tits McGee said...

You look just like her! But where's the cigarette?

The Husband said...

i would have done one of the following:
- pissed on that person
- checked their oil aka shove my finger up her ass (i'm assuming thats a girl)
- taken a picture with either my nuts or crank on their head.


ps, thanks for the info on stanford. i am now saying GMU is the Yale of the South opposed to the Stanford of the East.

miss kendra said...

promise you won't do that to me if i pass out and fall down the stairs (again) in vegas.

also, monkey!

Ɯbermilf said...

Monkey. Monkey monkey.

jiggs said...

fred:cheddar in the house!

spinner: I heart them too.

scumbag: I don't think I understand what you mean

nick: The best of my body is slowly being swallowed by an anaconda

tumbleweed: will you link me all night long?

tits: unfortunately I don't smoke

carl: I don't have the same knack for humiliation that you do. Also, stanfurd sux0rs

sassafras: I would never do that to you.

uebermilf: check!

Tumbleweed said...

I will tire your link out baby!
I will also photograph you naked.

scumbag said...

how are we supposed to all know who did monkey posts?

jiggs said...

tumbleweed: my paleness would break your camera.

scumbag: if you just link back here, I'll try to link to everyone that did a monkey memories.

Brookelina said...

You never grab my ass like that.

That's Mr. McDougal, to you, punk said...

That appears a tiny, tiny person upon whom you are Lindying.

jamwall said...

remember that time you pointed at my privates while i was naked wearing your underwear on my head while you shaved all the hair off my body?

not cool!

Brookelina said...

Jamwall looked hot when he was hairless. Hot I tell you!

Lee Ann said...

I miss seeing Monkey around and I miss Calzone swimming in my moat!

That picture...Jiggsy, you are so cute!

Nick said...

Yeah, cute. You know, for a total douche.

jiggs said...

brooke: just wait until I get the opportunity!

mcdougal: indeed sir. Let me be the governor of samoa!

jamwall: I do remember that. That was awesome!

brooke: "hot I tell you!" isn't this a monkeyism?

lee ann: I am cute. I miss them too.

nick: true dat.