Sunday, February 19, 2006

Tasty just made some waffles

Unsurprisingly, they were tasty. We didn't have syrup so I put honey on mine

We went into San Francisco and saw this band called pantspantspants. They're quite good.

Unfortunately, pantspantspants didn't play their song about fear factor. That one is my favorite.

They were selling t-shirts and one of them had a unicorn. Part of me wanted to accuse them of stealing the BAoJ logo, but I didn't want to become pantspantspants persona non grata. Also the band members are friends of friends and so being a douche for no reason probably would have been bad.


Nick said...

But isn't being a douche basically all you do?

Lee Ann said...

ummm....waffles with a little butter, syrup, sprinkled with some powdered sugar and a fresh strawberry on the side ~ very yummy!

jiggs said...

nick: yes. though with a few limits.

lee ann: yummy indeed.

Tumbleweed said...

I bet Nick stole the unicorn from them. He's shady like that.
Honey on waffles....sounds gross!

jiggs said...

yer face!