Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A new ode to spinning girl

Spinning girl revealed that she is still interested in marrying me. Thus I present a brand new ode, set to the tune of "what's new pussycat":

What's new spinning girl
whoa whoa
What's new spinning girl
whoa whoa

Spinning girl spinning girl
I've got flowers and
lots of hours

to spend with you
So go powder your spinning girl nose
Spinning Girl Spinning Girl
I heart you. Yes I do.
You and your spinning girl nose

What's new spinning girl whoa whoa
What's new spinning girl whoa whoa


Fred said...

that nice. i hope she appreciates it.

Tumbleweed said...

I need an ode. I'm single and available now!

Tumbleweed said...

BTW, I cleaned up my act, just for you!

miss kendra said...

spinning girl gets all the goods.

i mean, i even sent her a valentine.


Ɯbermilf said...

Do you stuff your pants like Tom Jones does, too?

What looks most natural? I would think a salami would be out, because of the smell. But what else would hang all fleshy like that?

jiggs said...

fred: she better like it, or the hammer will come down

tumble: I'm really not into odes anymore, I just did this one for old time's sake. But if the appropriate ode pops into my head, you'll get it. Also, thanks for moving that picture down.

miss k: spinner does get a lot of attention. I bet you'll get some attention sooner or later too.

uebermilf: I actually use butter to stuff my pants because it's also shapeable. And then if i need some melted butter I know where to go.

Tumbleweed said...

How about a jingle? or a haiku? Dude, I'm not picky!

jiggs said...

every ode/jingle/haiku has its time. I know that isn't satisfying, but it's just the way it is.

SignGurl said...

It's so cold in my house that I have to put the butter in the fridge to get it softer. I'll have to take up your butter idea except that I'll put it under my boobs. Then, voila, no more underwire accidents!

Spinning Girl said...

Oh. My. G. Od.

I can;t believe it took me this long to get over here & see this.

I am tingly all over!

Especially deep inside the roots of my 1980's perm!!!

Thank you so much.

You touch me.

Spinning Girl said...

Look, I am so excited I can;t even punctuate properly !#

The hammer will come down?

Hmmm ...

what would that look like, exactly?

Does it involve me wearing a plaid skirt?

Hope so.

Sorry. I'll cut that stuff out.

Spinning Girl said...

Mis kendra, dude, I love my Valentine more than anything. The post is still up, I just moved it to VD.

jiggs said...

signgurl: mmm... boobies with melted butter.

spinner: i'm glad you like it. Also, send pictures of yourself in a plaid skirt being naughty. I should change the name of my penis to "the hammer". Though, it's less of a hammer and more of a... Well it's nothing like a hammer at all really since it's so small.

Tumbleweed said...

It is satisfying....I love the anticipation that comes with every creative thing you do!