Thursday, February 02, 2006

My other super power is dishwasher loading

I'm going to relate the story of how I got this picture for americannavel:

I was at the party (which by the way, if you join that site you can find Tasty and I by searching for the jiggscasey tag) with Tasty and early on I noticed the bare-midriffed woman that owns a sizzling navel. Immediately I knew that I needed a picture of her navel.

Now I'm generally a shy guy in real life, so I was too intimidated to talk with her since she was surrounded by men. But before Tasty and I left, I again noticed the woman and figured now or never. What follows is a transcript of that discussion between me, her and the guy she was talking with:
Me: [to the woman] Hey. Sorry for cockblocking, but I can I ask you a question?
[guy looks confused, woman appears amused, has slight smile]
Other guy: Shouldn't you be apologizing to me?
Me: [to other guy] sorry for cockblocking. [back to woman] Would you mind me taking a picture of your navel?
Woman: What will you do with it?
Me: I'll post it on my blog devoted to navels.
Woman: What's the name of your blog?
Woman: hmm. Ok. But you have to link back to my blog.
Other guy: [realizing that he's losing control] How much longer is this cockblocking going to take?
Me: [to other guy] Just a few more seconds. [to woman] What's the name of your blog?
[she let's me take a picture, but doesn't like it and I take another.]
Me: So ya, thanks for letting me take a picture and uh... sorry for the cockblocking.
I don't know what happened to the pair after we left, but all that matters is that I was happy. Yup. I'm a douche and I'm a genius level cock-blocker.


TastyMcJ said...

It was a pretty impressive cock-block

Fred said...

bah, what do you want a mdeal or something?

it would have been way better if you'd given her some loving right there in front of this guy.

Nick said...

Yeah you should have been like "Ok, one last quick question... do you wanna get out of here and do it with me?" and then look over your shoulder at the guy and been "Sorry, dude."

Tumbleweed said...

Okay mister, enough about navels. If I wanted to hear about them I would go visit your american navel site. I am impressed with the whole cockblock and coming out of your shell thing. Good job!

Booty J Patrol said...

I agree with Nick. You had the perfect opertunity to complete the cockblock and get the girl's number. Hopefully she sees this blog entry and emails it to you.

miss kendra said...

i also agree.

that button could have been yours.

on the otherhand, if things don't work out with me and Boy (which i tease him about constantly) i will find you.

kellywalters said...

you are a fantasitcal cock blocker..

you should try for the olympics!

jiggs said...

tasty: word.

fred: I would like a medal actually.

nick: Unfortunately, had she said no to that offer, all the positive energy from getting the navel pic would have been destroyed.

tumbleweed: navels navels navels navels!

booty: I can never live up to your expectations! You're just like my dad!

miss k: I'm not gonna lie to you: Even when you joke about finding me, it does bring a smile to my face. But at the same time, poor boy!

roxi: thanks babe. That means a lot coming from someone that men must constantly be fighting over.

Brookelina said...

The first thing I saw when I got here was an ad that said "An Impressive Tool."

I never got past that. Thank you. I so needed that laugh.

Calzone said...

I would have hit her over the head with a toaster.

Lee Ann said...

The picture over there of the one with the nuts freaks me out!

Spinning Girl said...

tick tock,
you rock.

The Husband said...

don't forget to have a drink on saturday in honor of my bday.


Satan's brother Carl said...

Dammit! I knew I should have had my name legally changed to "Karl" instead of "Carl."

People confuse me with Bill Murray all the time. Tee-Hee...I made a joke.

God I hate my brother.

Nick said...

I love toast.

jiggs said...

brooke: Would you like to see my impressive tool? Well you can't. I don't want to have to go into the garage to get it.

calzone: I have heard that hitting people with toasters is the most suurefire way to get them to do shit.

lee ann: that's what she said!

spinner: tisome tawsome, you're awesome.

carl: done and done

other carl: two carls is gonna confuse me.

nick: I love toast. toast toast toast.