Tuesday, February 28, 2006

History of the day for February 28

In 1947, Elmer's Glue is invented so that young boys can let it dry on their hands and pretend to peel off their own skin.


Spinning Girl said...

OK, now this was funny!

And rubber cement was invented for making fake wounds on your hands by pinching the skin together until the cement dried, then releasing to reveal a long gash.

Good times.

nikki said...

Ah Elmers... with your nostalgic white bottle, flaming-orange dispenser tip so eternally clogged, and the little creature noone could seem to identify.

Rubber cement... now this we rolled up after it'd dried, and chewed on it. I thought everyone did that.

A lot of our parents were alcoholics, and we were really bored.

jiggs said...

spinner: good times indeed

nikki: the creature was a glue cow, was it not? Chewing on rubber cement seems rather suboptimal. I bet someone that hangs around this blog would be able to tell us whether doing that is good for you.