Saturday, February 11, 2006

History of the day for February 11

In 1909, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation is founded. Races begin immediately with the invention of "driving around in a circle really fast." The small fan base explodes ten years later with the invention of the "flaming car crash."


Ɯbermilf said...

Jiggs is another word for love.

I Jiggs, you, Jiggs.

jiggs said...

Jiggs is in the air.

Nick said...

Jiggs is an Au pair

Calzone said...

There is something in the wind as of late...that something appears to be....Jiggs

Brookelina said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyy Jiggs!

josh williams said...

Cool, I live about 10 miles from the brickyard. I have a friend (not McDOugal) that demo'd the old control tower. The announcers booth smelled of piss and stale beer. The Indy is a 2 1/2 mile oval, in the early 20th century we among other citys also had a 2 mile oval track that was made of wood, for motorcycles. Very dangerous, warped boards and protruding nails and such. However there were masters of the sport (all dead) and I think Roscoe is working on a post revolving around these board track heros.
I have the best slide show circa 80's of the Indy infield when it was down and dirty white trash. Tits , blowjobs burnt cars the whole gambit, all in public in central Indiana. Call ahead they only allow around 500,000 people in the Speedway. I aint been for years, but I do have the documnetry on slides, alas slides are such a burden. JW

Lemon-Lyman said...

tits, blowjobs, crashed cars

thats so hot.

tell this jiggs guy to get a rubber, no one likes jiggs in their hair, especially when you are doing it in the coat check at a bar and there is no mirror to check yourself for jiggs in the hair.

Lee Ann said...

Are you flying?


jiggs said...

nick: I'd never be an au pair. I always want to the most immature person in the room.

calzone: both love and me are in the air.

brooke: i am love

josh williams: Cool that we have our own source of information about the indy 500. Also true dat about the slides.

lemon lyman: and I don't like to be in other's hair, neither.

lee ann: no. I'm love and love (me) is in the air.