Friday, January 20, 2006

We just got a comment on a classic post

An anonymous Brazilian commented on a Mythbusters post. Possibilities:

1) We've infuriated some dude with very poor English skills with our views on Mythbusters, which would be awesome.
2) Someone is pretending to be an incoherent Brazilian on an old post to yell at us, which is even more awesome.
3) Due to a rupture in the space-time continuum, Brazil was launched six months into the future, resulting in the angry Brazilian to read our post in July and then comment on it in January. That's kinda cool, but it's been done to death in Star Trek TNG.
4) Jiggs has a new personality.


miss kendra said...

i vote number 3

jiggs said...

For those of you too lazy to click the link, here is the content of his comment:

Mythbusters is the best program of television your "JACKASS", and if you don't understending is because you is the person more stupid than I ever now. I am a brazilian, and my name is Guilherme Castro

Unfortunately, I think it's 1. Were it any of the others, it would be genius level.

Regardless, I love it when we get incoherent angry comments for things that happened in the past.

TastyMcJ said...

Does anyone out there speak broken portuguese?

This seems like something that deserves a well-intentioned reciprocation.

Danny said...

dude, I wasn't too lazy, and I was rewarded, richly and shit.

I have another theory:

*Mike Tyson learned how to use a keyboard, but still has yet to master the english language. For fear of the backlash that would ensue from a comment like that showing up and being from Mike, he decided he should go under the assumed name of his newest boyfriend.

Either way, it was fucking hilarious.

SignGurl said...

So, I'm wondering if the whole Van thing was ok. A guy who posts something like this can't be all bad.

Nick said...

That's almost as funny as my gay russian. I think my Gay russian is the bst comment of blog your "JIGGSCASEY", and if you don't understending is because you is the person more stupid than I ever now.

jiggs said...

tasty: I wish I spoke portuguese. I'd always be ordering a portuguese breakfast.

danny: Mike Tyson is dating a brazilian guy named "guilherme castro"? That face tattoo that iron mike got is finally paying off.

signgurl: I doubt van is worrying about it and neither should we. I doubt the guy is all bad myself though there are reports of him being crude to some of the women that hang around these parts.

nick: you've got a gay russian.

SignGurl said...

I realize that he's probably not sweating it. I just thought it was a funny post.

He's a total poon if he's being crude to us women.

Brookelina said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy Jiggs!

Van! said...

I am just as guilty as you.. I spent many a post doing that stuff...I think it's fun! got people over there...thanks!

Spinning Girl said...

I am laughing so fucking hard right now.

Ɯbermilf said...

I like White Russians.

I like Jiggs.

I like Jiggs drinking White Russians.

I love getting odd comments months later! It's like finding an unopened Christmas present in April!

Lee Ann said...

Mythbusters rocks!

Elizabeth Dole said...

Has anyone seen Bob Dole?

Bob Dole said...

Bob Dole is over here packing a torpedo.

scumbag said...

here's a comment from one of the wedding party's "admirers":

"You all are all retarted! Grow up! You SOBs"

Elizabeth Dole said...

Put the torpedo away Bob Dole and get yourself home!

jiggs said...

signgurl: i hear ya.

brooke: go team!

van: you're welcome. The generosity goes both ways because people follow the links back to us too. In reality, everyone is a winner.

spinner: did a sex toy tell you a joke?

uebermilf: I like presents! Thanks uebermilf!

lee ann: The nose knows.

the doles: I don't think I should get in the middle of this marital crisis.

capn: What did you say to that douche?

Tumbleweed said...

I like Gay Russians, they are like White Russians but creamier. BTW, this post was fucking hilarious!