Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mythbusters is "Jackass" for nerds (part 2)

So a while ago we got an angry Brazilian commenting on the post that mythbusters is "jackass" for nerds. Well I was tooling around on the net today and I found the following quote direct from Adam Savage's website:
It's Jackass meets Mr. Science. And we're not just testing the myths, we're putting our bodies on the line to bring you the truth!

Maybe I am Adam Savage and I don't even know it?

Anyway, all this talk of mythbusters made me wonder aloud to myself, "how can I profit from mythbusters?" And then it hit me. I could make t-shirts. And so I did. Check out the mythbusters swag:
Here's hoping those douches at cafepress don't get all pissy about them.


Nick said...

I'm fairly certain it's a federal crime to profit off of someone else's intellectual property.

Please refer to Title 17 of the US Code for further details.

jiggs said...

To paraphrase Picasso, "Good artists create. Great artists steal".

Also notice how I said "myth busted" instead of mythbusters.

In addition to being a douche, I'm also a weasel.

Nick said...

I noticed the subtle differences, let's hope your lawyer can proove that they are legally destinct.

Incidentally, Bazang!

Nick said...

proove? God I'm stoopid.

jiggs said...

I took your advice Nick and changed things up a little further and took out any direct references to mythbusters. Now it's Bust it!

As for bazang, sweet.

Nick said...

Way to stick to your guns, douche.

Tumbleweed said...

You go Jiggs! You only have to change someone elses art by 30% to call it your own. I plan to make millions off of that.

I think Nick just lost his job as the grammar and spelling Nazi!

Monkey said...

That's it! It's time for some Monkey Swag. If Jiggs can do it, so can I.

I received my Pat shirts today. Thank you oh so very much. I have one for sleeping, one for weeding and one for friends.

Ɯbermilf said...

I knew it! Adam!

I like proove better... it's like groove with a p

miss kendra said...

i need to get some money and buy this crap.

or can we work it out in trade?

Lee Ann said...

Haha, a mythbuster's thong? Jiggs, you are too much! hehe

Brookelina said...

Ok, I still have no idea what Mythbusters is. I'm such a dork. Or maybe you are all dorks for knowing what it is.

jiggs said...

tumbleweed: how do you quanitfy 30% of a piece of art?

monkey: if you want, we can stick your designs on the swag blog too. Remember, though, that the pic needs to be at least 100 dpi to print on the shirt.

uebermilf: maybe we were split at birth.

miss k: what do you want to trade?

lee ann: I'm a big fan of the "BUSTED" thong.

brooke: a little from column A and a little from column B.

Lilly said...

I wonder if wearing that thong would impress Tory....