Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Monkey's Ode to me

After doing my part to recreate the classic scene from Gone with the Wind, monkey went the extra mile and made a delightful (and extremely accurate) ode to me. Listen to it and believe!

Other notable items:
  • American Navel was brought to my attention. Though we won't attack it with the BAoJ, it's still generally amusing. That is, if you like bellybuttons.
  • A friend wanted me to put the following sentence on the blog and I must oblige: Bush has (medical) trouble with his Dick. Presumably, this sentence is intended to describe Cheney's recent health issues.
  • Last week, I saw Demitri Martin in SF. It was a generally amusing show and I got to hear the featured female stand up say "five finger dis cunt". Unfortunately, I can't remember her name.


Fred said...

you coarse young man. im telling your mother next time i see her.

she has fucking cobwebs on her cunt! etc.

miss kendra said...

american navel is creepy.

but you, you are a god among men.

about to have monkey babies.

Nick said...

If Jiggs is a God among Men and Monkey is a God among Simians, what will their children be? Gods among inter-species breeding? I think it would be funny if they had Monkey's petite frame with Jiggs' enormous head.

slappy said...

The Jiggs-Monkey lovechild would be a God to inhabitants of a planet where apes evolved from man.

Ɯbermilf said...

You're trying to goad me into something Nick.

I'm biding my time.

Don't worry, Jiggs will be used for comedic purposes. Just wait.

Do you suppose David Soul had a secret love child? A secret red-headed love child? Hmmm.

Nick said...

I wasn't suggesting anything, Ubie. That you inferred such things says more about your twisted encephalon than mine.

Tumbleweed said...

Are you blackmailing Monkey? What would make her say such a thing? I do agree, you are a god in my eyes! I want your babies too, can I get in on that action?

Nick said...

You want his babies, or you want to have his babies? Becasue one is fun the other is a felony.

Brookelina said...

I'm with Miss Kendra - close-up shots of extremely white hairy navels - creepy. Blech.

Tumbleweed said...

I want the fun one, but the felony sounds fun too...I'm so confused!

jiggs said...

freddy: Your mother!

miss kendra: three cheers for monkey babies

nick: monkey and my kids will look like bobblehead dolls

slappy: apes evolving from man!?!? That's madness!

uebermilf: you certainly will make me rue the day I posted a picture of myself.

nick: here here!

tumbleweed: never would I blackmail monkey! Everyone can have some of my babies.

nick: I am planning on selling some of my babies my god-like monkey-man babies.

brooke: I think the pics are generally amusing.

tumbleweed: we all get confused sometimes.


Nick said...

What's that? you trailed off there at the end.

and did I catch a "niner" in there? Were you calling from a walkie-talkie?

jiggs said...

nick: I must have gotten confused.

And yes, I was responding to comment on my blog via walkie talkie. OVER!

Also, did you apologize to Mrs. Horowitz yet? That window didn't fix itself, you know.

Lee Ann said...

You guys are too funny

Monkey said...

"Never would I blackmail monkey"... ahem.

Spoken like the CAD you are Mr. Casey.

I am frightened for our children. The monkey/jiggs God Babies with one too many Y chromosomes. Yak.

jiggs said...

monkey: how dare you speak to the future god-like father of your weird man-monkey children that way! I am outraged!

American Navel said...

Thanks for the link, Jiggs, though I am disappointed by this reception. Why does everyone have a general distaste for bellybuttons?

The bellybutton is one of the distinguishing characteristics of mammals and life in the womb wouldn't be possible without them.

I put my blog together because I thought people on the internet would be openminded enough about the body to appreciate them. I guess I was wrong.

Nick said...

God Dammit To Hell Jiggs. I wish I knew who Mrs. Horowitz was so I could continue this humurous banter.

jiggs said...

navel guy: chillax. If people say they don't like your blog, just strengthen your resolve, yo.

Will it make you feel better if I add you to my friends links?

nick: Don't play dumb with me, mister. Now you march right over to Mrs. Horowitz' house and apologize for hitting that baseball through her window!

American Navel said...

sweet jiggs, thanks!

Fred said...

you sonsabitchesss! my hoarded lsd has passed its sell by date. i feel the need to take it all. what does a man do?