Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I heart trotsky

Everybody was making candy hearts. I didn't want to miss out:

Not that I support racism, but I just thought that "racism" would be funny on a candy heart.

I soon grew tired of the 8 letter limit, so I decided to make my own:

But then I gave up on words in favor of a picture:


Fred said...

i like the douche bag one.

hows about making a chocolate milk one?

Spinning Girl said...

you are so demented. i love it.

Monkey said...

Poo Juice!

The Jaws of Death needs that one.

The Husband said...

truly one of your best blogs. especially liked the butt sex reference. another good one is "I have herpes"...imagine giving a piece of candy with that to your significant other. that would be awesome!

sock puppet said...

there was a punk band called trotsky's icepick and the drummer is now a math teacher where i work.

also, for you.

Lee Ann said...

I love those! I made one too:



Tumbleweed said...

Mine said Piss Off and it was yellow. Didn't post it though. I like yours better!

jamwall said...

i dig dictators on valentines day!

Ɯbermilf said...


The Husband said...

jiggs, you complete me. can i fuck you?

SignGurl said...

This one is for Calzone,


jiggs said...

fred: I don't think that there's enough space on the heart for "I want some motherfucking chocolate milk!"

spinner: strangers in the night...

monkey: Everybody needs a bottle of poo juice.

carl: I knew you'd like the reference to buttsex. Spinning Girl has a herpes one on her blog.

sock: that's a shameless buttplug. get it? like shameless plug, except with buttplug instead of plug.

lee ann: Are you saying you've got a sweet ass? If so, RUFF!

tumbleweed: piss off on a candy heart should be on the cover of a punk album.

jamwall: who doesn't want to be stalin'ed on V-day

uebermilf: You're very tongue oriented.

carl: hmm. No offense, but I'm gonna take a pass.

signgurl: He does stink. Like French cheese and sweaty taint. mmm...

Brookelina said...

I was going to say what Carl said, but since you refused him, I should probably think of something else.

Ok I'll be back.

jiggs said...

Brooke: There might possibly be a different outcome, if you ask me. Sorry Carl!

Ben said...

Poo Juice and Butt Sex definitely top the list.

Other options:

Ass Wipe
Butt Face
Ass Lick
Lick Ass
Nut Sack

The list is endless...bring on the candy!

Brookelina said...

Jiggs, you complete me. Can Carl fuck you?

Wait...that's not right....

Who is this Ben and how does he know all the things I scream when I'm driving?

miss more said...
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jiggs said...

ben: The possibilities truly are endless!

brooke: How can I deny your request. Sure I'll have sex with Carl.

ms. more: I thought you'd like that.

miss more said...

Little do they know, these are the actual sweet nothings you whisper into Tasty's ears.

Uhhh... Salty?