Monday, January 09, 2006

I don't let people take pictures of me because I'm afraid they'll steal my soul (post pic wrap up)

  • Slappy and Calzone doubted their sexuality when they saw me. Who can blame them?
  • Scumbag and jamwall are angry that I'm not Joey Lawrence in real life.
  • Mcdougal points out that I look like a combination of Tina Yothers, Rosemary Clooney and the Hulk. Who could blame him?
  • Lex points out that there is "Nothing wrong with how you look at all." Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lex!
  • Brooke doesn't know how to spell.
  • Monkey blames my many personality defects on my red hair.
  • Uebermilf is still delusional.
  • Spinning Girl fantasizes about doing me in a tub of poi. Who can blame her?
  • Miss Kendra wants to drown me for being a witch. Who could blame her?
  • My bulging biceps and keen mind make me a triple threat.
  • Lee Ann and AP made me blush (just a bit).


Fred said...

all i know is youre a ginger, or "redhead for the pc out there. not that this site has ever been pc.

Friends of McDougal said...

Ginger Casey.

SHit's locked down now.

You're Ginger Casey.

Fred is a genius.

Fred said...

i wish i knew what i do that makes people call me a genius. wait, has someone said it before? damn, sobriety doesnt suit me. i suddenly become all unsure of myself and shit like that.

i wish i'd seen the pics too. maybe if i offer a back rub jiggs'll email the ginger pics to me.

while you're at it send me some toilet roll just in case.

jamwall said...

you were gonna be my joey lawrence and i was gonna be your blossom.

wait a second? where they siblings?

..OMG that's totally fucking HOT!

Calzone said...

I can't stop thinking about you

Übermilf said...

Stuff it, Calzone, you puke. He's mine! Every freckled inch of him!

Right, Adam?

miss kendra said...

i don't want to drown you.

suffocate you maybe.

in the ample goodness of my bosom.

i *heart* redheads.

miss kendra said...

Boy is a red head you know.

Nick said...

I wish I was a goddamn redhead. I'll never gorgive you for this jiggs.

allison said...

i love being a redhead

allison said...

fred- did you get a new kitten?

Übermilf said...

Nick, you ARE a redhead, dumbass

Nick said...

No I'm not.

jiggs said...

fred: I've always wanted to start a band called the "ginger blokes". My Irish friend always described me as a ginger bloke.

mcd: call me ginger and I can call you "friends of mary ann"

fred: sometimes people realize that they are a genius after the fact. Perhaps I will send you a pic. But only because you asked nicely.

jamwall: you love incest, don't you. You big pervert! Let me give you a hug!

calzone: How did i know you were going to say that? I'm just a member of your harem now and to be honest, I like it!

uebermilf: Stop it! There's plenty of me to go around!

miss kendra: yay for bosoms and for boy! Yay for suffocation too while I'm at it.

nick: bazang! This is the one occasion in my life in which being a redhead isn't a terrible thing. For example, none of you have threatened to put me in a burlap bag and beat me. Old women used to do that all the time when the realized that I had red hair.

AP: Being a redhead fits you. Also, it doesn't hurt that you're generally physically appealling. And yes, Fred did get a new kitty. He blogged about it recently. The kitty's name is "ocho".

uebermilf, nick: can't you guys end this feud by sharing a cupcake?

Brookelina said...

I can spel just fine!

Übermilf said...

Nick, you do too. I have a picture somewhere to prove it.

If you let your hair grow, it gets quite unruly.

You kinda look like one of those treasure trolls with orange hair. Do you have a jewel in your belly button?

Nick said...

I know what color my hair is. Do you know how I know? It's my fucking hair, that's how.

Übermilf said...

Are you ashamed of having red hair?

jiggs said...

Nick don't be ashamed for having red hair! Sure, people might try to drown you for being a witch, but that comes with the territory. Uebermilf, you have red hair too, right?

Spinning Girl said...

I'll admit I rubbed one out.

American Navel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jiggs said...

spinerina: I love it when you say "I rubbed one out".

Monkey said...


Oh... how I wish I'de known this a few minutes ago.

Monkey said...

Spinning Girl has caused me once again to take a little private time with myself. Dammit.

miss kendra said...

just checking to make sure you're still here.

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs, I am glad I got to see the real it ;)

jiggs said...

monkey: hindsight is 20/20.

ms k: monkey hasn't put me out of my misery just yet.

lee ann: You're a doll!