Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fun stuff

1. Here's a convoluted little story I recently heard:

Apparently my ex-housemate just moved into a place that's next door to a couple of dudes that know my ex-girlfriend. When my ex-housemate mentioned that she (my ex-housemate) used to live with me (my ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend), there was an awkward pause and these dudes made some kind of face.

I'm not exactly sure what to make of that little story other than the fact that my name inspires distaste in my ex-girlfriend's friends.

2. Conan did a in the year 2000 with Bob Saget. I nearly crapped my pants with joy.

3. If you have ever wanted to know how many condoms you can put on a dildo, don't miss out on Booty's post below.


Fred said...

seems your reputation preceeds you. i was in a bar and i mentioned in passing to a friend and it started a barfight. some guy was shouting about sodomy or something like that.

amera hearts said...

about the dildo thing....that could rip someone in half!

Nick said...

Fred & Ocho are right. I said the name Jiggs in passing the other day, a nearby pregnant woman went into labor, 2 preists took the Lord's Name in vain and a dog exploded.

miss kendra said...

when i said jiggs casey to my dog last night he pooped.


Tumbleweed said...

Wow, your name does nothing to the rednecks around here. Except me, of course.

Danny said...

dude, did conan do that last night or what?

Ɯbermilf said...

I mentioned Jiggs in the parking lot and they closed down the whole school.

Then the janitor vomited, and he had to clean it up himself with that sawdust stuff.

Nick said...

Pink Sawdust!

jiggs said...

fred: Had I been there, I would have shown him just how useful a 10th degree blackbelt in sodomy is.

amera: that's what she said!

nick: I'm like chocolate to dogs. babies want to birthed so they can beat the shit out of me. And priests, well priests are just fucked up.

miss k: I am chocolate to dogs!

tumbleweed: i love rednecks.

danny: ya, last night saget was on the conezone.

uebermilf: I'm like chocolate to janitors.

nick: pink sawdust!

Spinning Girl said...

I think you're missing a noun in item 2. Here are a few to choose from:

few hits

jiggs said...

spinner: no. there is no noun missing: Conan has a bit called "in the year 2000". Here is some info on it.

It's one of my most favorite bits.

Lee Ann said...

I guess it is good that your ex girlfriend didn't move in with your ex housemate!

jiggs said...

lee ann: I would blow my mind if my ex-housemate moved in with my ex-girlfriend. Throw another ex in there and you've got XXX action!