Sunday, January 08, 2006

Breaking the fourth wall

Edit 1/9 1AM. I have removed the pics that were here. Sorry

No joke. It's really me. Now you guys can put a face to the name jiggs casey.

The top pic is what I really look like. I'm a dork.

Below, you'll see me as a douche.

As I said before, the pics will be taken down at midnight.

To fill in this white space, I'm posting what I wrote in the comments on Nick's blog:

Genius does strike when you least expect it. Once Einstein tackled me out of nowhere and I was all like "you want a piece of this, ya freaky ass douche!" and he's was all like "Step up!" and I was all like "I'm gonna beat you like you beat your barber for giving you that shitty ass haircut" and he was all like "You've gone and done it now" and then I punched him so hard his skull imploded and I was all like "YA BITCH! WHO'S THE SMART ONE NOW! "

Then I took a leak on his dead body.


Monkey said...

You're a redhead! This explains so much.

You took a peepee on Einstein? Have you no shame? Your penis obviously was not consulted. He would never have agreed to such a plot.

Maybe I'll break the 4th wall on the hideaway... hmmm.

Calzone said...

My are beautiful

Übermilf said...

Ha, ha, Adam. Very funny, putting up a picture of your little brother and pretending it's you.

I know the truth.

scumbag said...

you mean you're really NOT joey lawrence!?! oh this is such fuckin' bullshit!

Friends of McDougal said...

I can't see the pictures. I mean ... they're on my screen, but I can't see them.

It's a mental block, I guess.

To me you'll always look like a cross between Tina Yothers, Rosemary Clooney, and Lou Ferigno.

miss kendra said...

can use your picture as my new avatar?

miss kendra said...

are you trying to tempt me?

have no shame?

surely you must know by now how i feel about red heads.

Brookelina said...

Gimme a J! J!
Gimme a I! I!
Gimme a G! G!
Gimme another G! Another G!
Gimme an S! S!

What's it spell?!

I don't know. I'm a cheerleader. They didn't say anything about having to spell during tryouts.

slappy said...

I hate you Jiggs... for making me doubt my own sexuality. Although I do love the boobies. Okay, homosexual panic averted.

I will say this: That is some good hair.

Nick said...

Any thought on those novella? I want a cut, you son of a bitch.

You should not post pictures, ubermilf will steal them and do very bad things with them (and not the fun kind). I know this from experience.

Lex said...

So now we know:)

Nothing wrong with how you look at all. Always, always nice to put a face to the Hmm, I don't know what word to use. Blogger, writer, poster???

slappy said...

Jiggs is the triple threat!

Spinning Girl said...

In my fantasies, you are always a huge Polynesian man. Yeahhh, baby.

It's OK that you burst my bubble, though ...

cuz ...

You are the cutest thing EVER!

Thanks for the reveal.

I'm still not sending naked pictures, though.

jamwall said...

you look nothing like joey lawrence..

jiggs said...

monkey: yes the redhair leads to many accusations that I'm a witch! Also peepeeing on Einstein doesn't help either.

calzone: I've always thought that perhaps I'm a little too sexy.

uebermilf: I've been foiled again by uebermilf's delusions!

cap'n: I'm not gonna lie to you. It is 100% horseshit.


miss k: Let me guess your feelings about redheads: You fear them and want to drown them for being witches?

brooke: GO TEAM!

slappy: when you said you loved the boobies, I thought you were referring to my boobies and then I realized you meant boobies in general.

nick: why do you think that I've been s reticent to post pics. Because of uebermilf!

ms. selfdestruct: Nothing wrong with how I look? Can't you see that I've got too many elbows?

slappy: those three threats are my biceps and my mind.

spinerina: I am cute. People frequently call me a puppy. Tho that's primarily because I poo on their beds when they're not there. No wait. That's my housemate. I will say this, SG, I do like poi. in fact, I love poi. I could poi all night long and still have stamina for more poi!

jamwall: You're right. I could dream though can't I? By the way, Jamwall, has anyone ever told you that you bear a striking resemblance to Will Ferrell?

Lee Ann said...

Jiggsy, you are cute...nice eyes!
I am so sick today. I only got up out of bed to get something to drink and at that time my msn msngr kept on dinging. So I checked it and now I am here.
So glad you told me to come over. I think you should use your real pic instead of the other!

St. Francis said...

I care about you Jiggs

miss kendra said...

i love red heads like whitney and bobby love (but claim not to) the crack cocaine.

jiggs said...

lee ann: thanks for the compliments! I don't think I want to use my real pic for this blog because of the extremely slim chance that someone from my professional life might see it. Being anonymous is righteous!

st francis: I care about you too.

miss k: Do Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown want to drown crack cocaine for being a witch?

I'm a douche.

Less than 6 hours before I return to anonymity. Being anonymous is righteous!

Monkey's Human said...

I did it Jiggs. It's terrifying! But I did it.

jiggs said...

I saw it. And it's great.

allison said...

thank god for redheads. what would the world do without us?? btw- you have a great smile.

jiggs said...

AP: Yes indeed. What would the world do without us? With respect to smile: right back at ya, yo!

Fred said...

what the fuck is this? where are they you bitch?

Übermilf said...

Don't worry, Fred. They're safely saved in Ubermilf's photo-obsessed hands.

They may resurface again someday -- maybe intact, maybe slightly altered.

American Navel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jiggs said...

uebermilf: keep your grubby, cupcake-covered hands off my pics!

Egan said...

I am so sad I missed out on the picture. Does he look anything like Carrot Top gang?

jiggs said...

Egan: only my junk looks like carrot top.