Thursday, December 15, 2005

Showtime with Spicy Club Sauce

I apologize for being absent for a while, but I bring possible good news with my return.

For our regular readers, you may recall a while back Tasty noted that Arrested Development was being cancelled. That of course prompted Jiggs to report that we were the number one hit on Google for "Spicy Club Sauce" (we no longer are). Well, the good news is that there is a slight chance that Showtime will pick up Arrested Development.

In other news, they are suspending kids for speaking Spanish in Kansas, and selling 8 foot long models of Rebel Cruisers from Star Wars on eBay.

And lastly, watch this awesome video.

See how I managed to make a post with almost no orignial content? Think of it like a clip show.


jiggs said...

AWESOME! I mean about the kids in Kansas being suspended for speaking Spanish. Just think, they're speaking in a funny language that I can't understand! They could be planning terrorism!

Also it's good that Arrested Development is back on the air.

Monkey said...

Have I mentioned lately my unbridled lust for geeks? I love them. This video made me hot. I always knew they would make a techno song out of that Baumer explosion.

Monkey's Human
(too lazy to go get my own profile)

Monkey said...

Oh... and the Kansas thing? I remember when it was a goal to be multilingual. I oddly remember taking French and Spanish and being rewarded for speaking those languages. Did I fall down the rabbit hole again? Dammit.

jiggs said...

You like geeks? No wonder you hang around here. Ya know because Booty is a geek and all. Why are you looking at me like that?

jiggs said...

Kansas is a funny place. Nick probably knows that better than all of us.

Booty J Patrol said...

Yeah, I remember when multi-lingualisim was required in school too. As a matter of fact, my college graduation was delayed by one year because I didn't take enough foreign language classes.

Monkey's Human said...

I had to change identities for that one.

I can't imagine why I'm looking at you like that Jiggs. I have a facial tick. Just ignore it. I knew that Booty was a geek, I thought Slappy was one too?

I think of this blog as a marital aid. I get all bothered reading geek lit and then I attack Johnny Damned.

Maybe that should be one of your selling points for this blog.

Booty J Patrol said...

Jiggsblog: We keep geek chicks married?

Monkey's Human said...

I'm with you Booty. I had to have two languages to graduate with my degree of choice.

I actually just read this great book called What's the Matter With Kansas?. But it doesn't discuss this issue.

OK.. Monkey wants the keyboard back. Greedy little simian.

Monkey's Human said...

No No NO Booty.

"Jiggs Blog. We're better than Viagra."

jiggs said...

I was just pretending for a little while that I wasn't a geek and that you were looking at me like you knew better. Or did you know that? I'm not good with inferring people's intentions.

If I were to rank Booty, me, Slappy and Tasty on the geeky scale, I would rank us like this:

Slappy, Jiggs = very geeky
Booty, Tasty = super geeky

Of course, the ordering is only a partial ordering, thus there could be multiple objects that have the title "most geeky". Thus, I award BOTH Booty and Tasty the titles of most geeky!

Monkey said...

You read my human's facial ticks correctly. But then, you're related to me, so it only stands to reason that her expressions, as bizarre as they are... would be easy for you to read.

I like the Geek Graph very much. Thank you for clearing this up for me. Er... are you working on that story we discussed? Calzone and I are on the edges of our tiny seats.

jiggs said...

Monkey: I've been thinking about the story and I hope I can make it live up to your expectations.

Nick said...

It's a proud day for us Kansans.

Fred said...

i knew a girl from kansas once. she had a messed up life. meg i think she was called. she was dating this guy who turned out ot have an identical twin brother who pretended to be the guy she was dating. he tried to kill some people and stuff but i think it worked out ok in the end.

Fred said...

i'm a super geek. i've got proof.

Fred said...

hey nutballs, if you feel like it, help me to get the biggest turnout for my weekly poll ever!

its not hard to be honest, the record is 22.