Monday, December 05, 2005

New Article: Cheese is Grate

Our own Freddy has written a article:

We have a new contributor from the land of strong tea and weak chins: Fre'. Since we have only made email contact thus far, we do not know if that's an accent or a guttural stop. To play it safe we've been using both. In his debut, Fre' discusses his love of the dairy, and reveals a little bit of genius. Or possibly dementia. After a few more articles we'll know for sure which one. Enjoy it, douchebags!


Nick said...

Perhaps Fre' would be interested in this.

Fred said...

its Dr. Fre' for future reference.
wooo! i'm famous!

Fred said...

that poem was ok btw. whoever left that comment about goats cheese is dead, that has to the the one cheese i can live without.