Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Canker Sore as French Comedy

My canker sore is doing just jim dandy. Thank goodness for Franz Kafka and Paul Anka's love child.

Thinking of my canker sore as French comedy allows me to re-use a post a long time ago. Thus freeing me from having to write something:

Man1: J'ai une hache dans ma tête. (I have an axe in my head)
Man2: Dieu est mort. (God is dead)
Man1: Pourquoi ne m'aiderez-vous pas à tirer cette hache de ma tête? (Why won't you help me pull this axe from my head?)
Man2: Je suis un douchebag énorme. (I am a huge douchebag)


Brookelina said...

Clearly this is one of the posts that only people with a PhD can understand.

Fred said...

the only thing i like about the french is the eiffel tower. only because prime squewered megatron on it.

jamwall said...

god is a huge douchebag..

Tumbleweed said...

You're blog and comments always makes me laugh! Thanks!!

The Husband said...

that story gets my vote for blog of the year.

miss kendra said...

is this where i whip out my HUGE intellect and bitch slap everyone with it?

it makes cool sounds against skin.

Übermilf said...

Avez-vous Babblefish? Parce-que j'oulie le meillure que le Francais j'ai etudier. See, tenses are gone. GONE.

Lee Ann said...

we or is it wee?

Monkey said...

I want to watch Miss Kendra slap everyone with her huge intellect while Übermilf simultaneously gives a lecture on the plus-que-parfait du subjonctif.

OH my yes. Now I'm titillated.

jiggs said...

brooke: I'm glad you came back. I was a little worried that I had driven you away with my comments about the boss.

fred: sweet.

jamwall: poopie.

tumbleweed:thanks yo.

carl: sweetness.

miss k: could I watch you rub your intellect against your skin?

milf: you got me, you bastard with all your smarts and shit. I don't speak zee french.

lee ann: it's definitely wee

monkey: tittilated... bananas.