Wednesday, December 07, 2005

History of the day for December 7

In 1917, American forces are recalled from Mexico, ending the 11 month long search for Pancho Villa. Brigadier General John Pershing reports to Woodrow Wilson to explain his failure, stating that "Mexico is a much bigger place than we thought, dude."


Fred said...

i like mexico. a friend of mine got dropped off in the middle of the desert with her boyfriend looking for peyote.

a year later shes in denmark, pregnant and married. so doesnt remember how she got there.

jiggs said...

Don't ever trust the Danes. With the possible exception of Lilly, who I believe is from Denmark.

With respect to "mexico is a much bigger place than we thought" I have a feeling that something like that is going to be said about Afghanistan one of these days.

Fred said...

Tis true, the one good thing about this Dane is her name. 'Ninja' has to be one of the coolest names out there right? imagine her husband, "i'm married to a ninja"
or her kid "my mum is a ninja" etc.

i can kill 100 ninjas though, so i'm not that impressed.