Tuesday, December 13, 2005

History of the day for December 13

In 2124, long after global warming melts the ice caps and submerges the earth, humans and gilled mutants fight on the open seas over rumors of the existence of dry land. And yet Kevin Costner still can't get any respect for Waterworld.


Fred said...

waterworld would have been good if there was a giant transforming robot truck in it. i would have squashed costner and gone drinking with Dennis Hopper. he knows how to party.

jiggs said...

Freddy: Go to hollywood! Every movie needs a little more prime!

Fred said...

true. i'll be over around 2007, keep your eyes peeled ;)

larin von smartass said...

oooo, in 2124 do we still get to drink our piss. i'm really just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with me.

Ɯbermilf said...

I don't like Kevin Costner and I never thought he was attractive.

He has a weird chin.

He's a dork.

I hate Kevin Costner. Never mention him again!!!!

Tumbleweed said...

I go with Ubie on this one, Kevin C. is not and never has been a babe! Not like you Jiggsy!

jiggs said...

LVS: Ya, whenever make fun of me for drinking my urine, I say "Ghandi drank his own pee, and you don't think you're better than Ghandi, do you?!?"

milf: Don't you think The Postman was a good movie? It had Tom Petty!

tumbler: Thanks for the props, yo. If I had known that there is such a strong anti-costner sentiment out there, I would have put him into the blog a long time ago. I kind of like Costner because he sucks so bad.

allison said...

ummm wouldn't you like die if you drank your own urine?? is it not considered "waste" since it is going out of the body?

jiggs said...

AP: My guess is that the only statistically likely way that one might die from drinking their own urine is if you ONLY drank urine. I bet urine is too salty to be properly hydrate you.

But just having a glass of it a day isn't bad for you at all under certain conditions. I've never done it myself, but there are tons of websites devoted to the idea of drinking your pee.

Personally I think it's gross to drink pee. Eating poo on the other hand makes total sense.

And in case you're wondering. I'm kidding about the poo thing.