Friday, December 23, 2005

Ghost of Christmas past

1. Brokeback Mountain: I think a more appropriate name would be "Bareback Mountain".

2. A brief discussion of sex and religion:
"My wife and I are so religious that we make love through a hole in a sheet."
"So it's a like a glory hole then?"
"Actually it's a glory of god hole."

3. A jiggsblog memory from May 29th

Having a slight facial disfigurement, like the pinkish swelling of my eye ain't so bad. actually. It's sort of like having a scar in that it provides a little mystery. And at the barbeque I was just at, it was a great conversation topic:

Me: Hi there, pretty girl. My name's Jiggs. What's your name?
Pretty Girl: My name is Anita.
Me: awkward pause
Pretty Girl: So Jiggs, what's that hideous thing on your eye?
Me: It's a funny story. My eyelid swelled up because of a clog in a sebaceous gland.
Pretty Girl: I just vomited in my own mouth.
Me: Pretty funny, eh?
Pretty Girl: No, actually.
Me: So you wanna have sex?

And FYI: Anita kicked me in the nuts. Then we had sex.



Nick said...

Who hasn't had their balls kicked and subsequently sucked by Anita? She's a trollop.

Brookelina said...

At least you got laid, that's the important thing.

scumbag said...

small price to pay fer gettin' to bang a hot piece of ass like anita.

Tumbleweed said...

1. or "Backway Through the Mountain"
2. You can see through sheets, where's the glory in that?
3. I think Anita is just a re-occurring nightmare. I'm your dream girl!

Lee Ann said...

Merry Christmas Jiggs, Tasty, Booty, Slappy!

slappy said...

On behalf of our writers and all of their personality fragments, Merry Christmas to all!

jiggs said...

nick: Anita and I are now married, so watch your language!

brooke: you said it.

cap'n: Everybody on earth has boned anita!

1. How about: riding the chocolate choochoo train
2. You're right. For the sheets to be a true "glory hole", the thread count would have to be high so that they couldn't see each other.
3. ANITA!!!!

lee ann: merry christmas, yo!