Sunday, November 27, 2005

Yet Another Brief Ode to Spinning Girl

This time Modern English:

Spinning forward using all my breath
Exchanging crap with you was never second best
I saw the world spinning all around your face
Never really knowing we would always, spin in place

I'll stop the world and spin with you
You've seen the difference and it's spinning better all the time
No spinning you and I won't do
I'll stop the world and spin with you

Spinning Girl and I have a deep spiritual and emotional connection:

-The original brief ode to spinning girl. WHAT A TILF!
-The gift I sent her way
-Another ode to spinning girl (to the tune of Jessie's Girl)
-A cool spinning girl pic
-Evidence that Spinning Girl and I are two peas in a pod.

Now if only she'd send naked pictures of herself to me!


FRITZ said...

I wrote her an ode, too.
Yours is much more concise.
You are gifted. Jiggs is gifted!

Why do you like Ann Rand? Blech!

You seem too smart for that!

Where are the meth and whores I've ordered?

Calzone said...

When are you guys getting married?? Ot at least going to do it?

Brookelina said...

Does she know about your tiny penis?

Spinning Girl said...

Dude, you are the coolest blogland Lover of all! I have always dug this song. Now I will always love it.

Is it loserly that I queued it up on my iTunes and sang my ode to myself?

Way ahead of you on the links, by the way. Check out my sidebar. I have one section called "Immortalized" where I have all my odes, and one called "...and they bore gifts" where I have all the gift exchanges. I added the cigar label art & pea pods today.


Spinning Girl said...

I know all about Mr. Mini Jiggs, and I am diggin' it. I have one too, so it's OK.


I'm sorry I said that.

Lee Ann said...

hahaha...Spinning, you are cracking me up!

jiggs said...

Fritz: I may sound dumb for asking this, but how did I betray my ayn rand-iness?

Also, with respect to the meth and whores.... uh.... They're in the mail. bye.

Calzone: Marriage is punishment for shoplifting in some countries! But we have already done it thousands perhaps millions of times in my mind.

brooke: As you know, I like to keep everyone informed about my tiny penis. so in short (haha) yes.

spinnerina: I'm very pleased to have been labeled coolest blogland lover of all!!! I don't think it's loserly at all to sing an ode to yourself. I make up little songs about myself all the time. And thanks for keeping all my stuff on your sidebar!

Also, no problem about the tiny penis. That just adds a new level of complexity.

Lee Ann said...

now you are cracking me up.
Too much (well too little) to visualize!
you are hot!

Spinning Girl said...

Ayn Rand rocks. Howard Roark haunts my waking dreams. I love him ... to the extent that one can love a fictional character who could never possible exist in real life. I am a small, sea-tossed boat to his rocky shore. I am ... shit, I just got balsamic vinegar in my eye. Dammit.

TastyMcJ said...

Flush with water!

jiggs said...

It would be awesome to see an Ayn Rand incited cat fight!!!

Spinning Girl said...

Fritz & I tried that a while back, & we settled on a draw. I can't fight her.

Spinning Girl said...

Read all about the catfight here!

Friends of McDougal said...

McDougal loves Ayn Rand in a deep and disturbing way ... which is the way she demands it.

FRITZ said...

Jiggs: You said you liked that book on your profile...Atlas Shrugged.

I've always felt like saying, "Yeah? So what?" and shrugging myself.

jiggs said...

Fritz: I had forgotten what I had put on the profile. To be honest, I haven't read any of the books I put on that list.

jiggs said...

Fritz: given that I have never read those books, what I'm about to say is speculation, but presumably when Atlas shrugs, the whole world shakes.

Fred said...

when i shrug its usually because i've just beaten some fool into submission. no one messes with my prime stylin'! not even my dealer. we got a relationship. as long as my ion blaster is pointed at his face, he gives me energon goodies.

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