Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm watching Full House

Right now! Ever since Jiggs saw Bob Saget, I've been wanting to see an episode of Full House. I was flipping around, and there it was! Today's episode was the one where DJ and Kimmy go to junior high for the first time, and learn to put on makeup on and dress "Junior High" which apparently means slutty with stuffed bras. Then one of the Olsen twins puts lipstick on all over her face in preparation for her drug addition 16 years later.

The sad part was, the entire time I was watching all I could think about was how Bob Saget used to sexually abuse the girls.


The Husband said...

if you get a chance i highly recommend going to see bob saget and his stand up act. he's totally guys would love it. really funny.


Monkey said...

It's my understanding that two members of did see the esteemed Mr. Saget live.

Full House used to creep me out. Is it still creepy?
I guess so.

jiggs said...

Yo Carl. Monkey is right. We have totally done Saget. And not in that way you fucking pervert. You're sick for even laughing at that!!

Anyway, here is my review of his show.

jiggs said...

Tasty, you're link was broken so I removed it so as not to confuse people:

Here is the link that everyone should go to:

Pants Pants Pants' Full House video

TastyMcJ said...

thanks, jiggsy.

I'm not used to typing on a laptop keyboard.

that must be the explanation for my ineptitude.

TastyMcJ said...

saget was sagetastic.

that's different than sage-tastic...
which is what happens when you put a lot of sage into something.

jiggs said...

That's exactly right, Tasty. Although i do like things that are Sage-tastic as well.

I mean let's not get all crazy and talk shit about sage here because it's a fine spice. Sage just doesn't happen to be as good of a stand up as Bob Saget.

TastyMcJ said...

yeah, and saget would totally demolish simon and garfunkel in the octagon.

jiggs said...

While that's probably true, it seems like a non-sequiter. Tasty are you drunk?