Monday, November 07, 2005

Hello My Mythbusters Seeking European Friends!

So many Europeans are searching for mythbusters info on this blog that I thought I would give them a special message:

Thank you for searching for Mythbusters on this blog. Here are some quick facts about Mythbusters for you:

-The show takes place in San Francisco and yet Adam and Jaime are not gay.
-Kari is hot.
-Scotti is hot too. And she can weld. Unfortunately, she isn't on the show anymore.
-Archimedes was a dirty liar.

Here are the relevant jiggsblog posts for Mythbusters:

-Mythbusters is Jackass for nerds
-There's nothing like a woman who can weld
-An album cover that looks like it has Jaime on it.
-My survey indicating that Kari from mythbusters is a celebrity crush of mine.


slappy said...

Plus you get to learn the answers to all sorts of questions like "What would that look like if it blew up?" and "What would that look like if it fell from a great height?"

And I am particularly pleased that they added an Asian guy to the cast. He doesn't even have to wear a lab coat in every scene!

jiggs said...

That Asian guy is named Grant.

Oddly, he also isn't wearing a camera around his neck either. But what really confuses me is that he doesn't talk like the Japanese guy from Revenge of the Nerds.

It would be awesome if they decided to test the myths from "Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask".

What would a giant tit look like when dropped from a crane?

Monkey said...

I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen this show. But then there is much I have not seen. I am only 8 inches tall.

Welcome searchers of MythBusters!

Monkey said...

Just to add more interest for people searching for your blog I submit the following:

Giant Breast Explodes Upon Impact, Kills 8 Innocent Bystanders

jiggs said...

Yes, it kills 8 bystanders via drowning!

Monkey said...

Unless it is silicone. Then it just kills them by knocking them out.

Imagine graveyards in Los Angeles 300 years from now. Two little gelatinous bags in each coffin of dust.

jiggs said...

Little Timmy, stop playing with your dead Grandmother's breasts!