Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Brief Ode to Spinning Girl

Spinning is a friend
Yeah I know, she's been a blog friend of mine
But lately somethin's changed, it ain't hard to define
I just sent her a top, and I wanna make her mine

Y'know I wish that I had Spinning Girl!
I wish that I had Spinning Girl!
Where can I find a woman like that?
Like Spinning Girl!
I wish that I had Spinning Girl!
Where can I find a woman like that?

Thanks Rick Springfield!


jiggs said...

Go to Fred's blog and click on the he man/4 non blonde's link which is the title of the top post.

Fred said...

Jiggs! i found my article! resent as of 5 minutes ago. you better have it or ill come over there and kick your ass. buttered style.

Calzone said...

Okay..I'm not cock blocking anymore. Now I just want to watch.

Ɯbermilf said...

Ah, Jiggs. You've handed me a suggestion for Bad Music Thursday and you didn't even know it.

I bet there are PLENTY of easily-irritated Rick Springfield fans in this world.

Hee hee.

The Husband said...

wow...this blogosphere is awesome. so much love between us. hell, i'm getting teary eyed. you guys are great! i'm going to have FTMOCS convention next year...i want all of you guys to attend. it will be a great way for all of us to meet in person. then drink and do a fuck load of drugs (i through that in for Calzone).

Fred said...

will there be buttered toast? if so i might consider catching a plane over.

Lord Duke Nick Seaman said...

You know what else Calzone wants to do? Find out in this exclusive interview with Calzone!

Lee Ann said...

Carl's right...I love you guys!

TastyMcJ said...


Lee Ann said...

I have a booboo on my finger! It's hurting :(

jiggs said...

OK. In response to these comments, I'm going to try and compose some 80's song lyrics:

That's what we got.
So much love we can't block cock
Da nananana!

That's what Spacks said.
If we got to VA, we'll all be dead

Inspires Ubie and Lee Ann
Lee Ann looks at me with a booboo on her hand
Da nanana!

Well that was a fun 45 seconds.

Spacks, no offense, or nuthin, but I'm a little afraid that if we go to your convention we'll all drink the kool aid if you catch my drift.

Hope your finger feels better, Lee Ann!

larin von smartass said...

wow... what love

cool top aswell.... very symetrical, and symetrical is good

Spinning Girl said...

Holy crap!
You gave me a tingle in my tickle place!!!

jiggs said...

SG: I gave you a tingle in your armpit?!?!

Wait... OH!!!!


Booty J Patrol said...

Get a room you two! (See: Office Space)

miss kendra said...

that was really sexy.

everyone knows that chicks dig guys who write songs about chicks.

jiggs said...

It's ironic that my online persona appears to be such a hit with the opposite sex while my real life persona's love life is in the dumper. And you can take that to the bank!

Monkey said...

I'm so excited! The more obsessed Jiggs becomes the closer we get to another brilliant article.

I hold my breath in anticipation.

Booty J Patrol said...

I was going to make a similar comment about Jiggs and his success with the ladies in matrix vs. the real world, but I didn't want to hurt his fragile ego.

However, now that he has done it himself, I have to say, "Dammit man, how is that all these online girls want you so much? Is it because of those biceps poking out from under that vest?"

jiggs said...

The ladies certainly do love my guns! Now imagine me kissing my guns. Now imagine me tongue kissing my guns.

jiggs said...

My guns got a little fresh and I had to slap them.

Monkey said...

Fresh hot guns!

I think it's your snarky, humorous online persona that attracts the ladies. The monkeys just want to cuddle your armpits.

jiggs said...

Are you sure it isn't my guns? Because look at them! They are amazing!

jiggs said...

I mean seriously, my guns are awesome.

Lee Ann said...

I think you have some awesome big guns!

jiggs said...

Thanks Lee Ann!

My guns! I like to give people tickets to the gun show.