Thursday, October 06, 2005

Time zones = suck zones

So, I just flew to upstate new york and back in little over 48 hours.

Time zones are stupid.

I say, if we're entertaining the idea of putting giant mirrors in space to stop global warming, why not do something useful with them, and like, regulate it and shit such that we all have daytime at the same time. Hell, for that matter, we could all just be awake at night, and sleep all day, because another thing that sucks is direct sunlight.

I forgot to take my sunglasses on this trip... I was walking around outisde yesterday and I started getting headaches cause it was so fucking bright out.

Timbuk 3 was on to something, i guess (but maybe they don't have to be?)

I got up this 'morning' approximately 22 hours ago.

I'm so confused.

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