Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Slappy needs

Dog named Slappy needs a home
Makes me think of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. "We named the dog Slappy!"

Sometimes Cap'n Slappy needs a little help.
This is from Talk Like a Pirate Day... I must say that it makes me want to work my way up through the ranks to achieve Cap'n status.

Until one night when Slappy needs to talk to Amy about something. He says she's his slave.
This is from some book... Night of the Living Dummy 2. I was too afraid to figure out if it's porn.

Slappy needs it after being beaned in the head with a bottle during her stand-up
routine. And while Slappy is an extroverted boor...
Story of my life, really.

On a summer school field trip, the five children meet Slappy the sea lion. But
Slappy needs rescuing and it's the Stinkers to the rescue.
Man, I wish I were a sea lion. Slappy the sea lion. Awesome. Me and Monkey could hang out on the beach, eat scrod, pick up chicks. That would kick ass.


Calzone said...

Slappy says relax.

Monkey said...

Awww.... Slappy the Sea Lion sounds pretty darn cute. Just keep him away from that "Porn For Dummies" book.