Friday, October 07, 2005

Only one of us can be in New York at a time.

Tasty just came back from Albany and on Saturday I'm leaving for NYC until Thursday. I'm just going for a vacation.

What should I do while I'm there? One thing I'm planning on not doing is being blown up in the subway.

Anyway, I'll be posting infrequently if at all until Friday next week.


TastyMcJ said...

New York couldn't cope with the 2 of us at once, anyway.

It'd be like,

'Shit. Those guys are too hot to handle, and I's only gots one oven-mitt'.

While I don't appreciate the overzealousness with which the somewhat rare steadfast agreement between upstate NY and NYC was reached (in that the governor and mayor both spoke out so strongly to push for our ban on concurrent travel) I also enjoy NYC, so I can understand if they want to stave off the annihilation that would arise from our dual-presence in their fair state/city.

I guess that's the benefit of us both living in California, since it's bigger. The coolness/acreage ratio is like, 3 times smaller out here, which puts us well below the critical value for state implosion.

Likewise, Jiggs and I aren't allowed to travel to any of the other 26 states that are smaller in area than, NY, either, which is why we had to pass up the cool $6,500 Vermont offered us to come and tell our version of 'The Aristocrats' at their state fair last year.

Alas, poor New York. If only you had the balls to annex Rhode Island, then we could all hang.

TastyMcJ said...

Shit. I can't add. I meant the other 23 states, not 26.

slappy said...

Hey, you didn't leave the can of frothing sodium hydroxide and green dye in Penn Station, did you? Cause that really fucked shit up.

Monkey said...

Maine is big enough for the four of you, you should all come here for vacation. After all, it is Vacationland.

jiggs said...

One day there will be a meeting between the East Coast and the West Coast poles of blogosphere goodness when monkey's family will meet the jiggsblog family. I believe Nostradamus predicted it. And that guy is never wrong.

Lee Ann said...

Have fun, Tavern on the Green, McSorley's bar in the Village is fun.

jiggs said...

Thanks Lee Ann!

slappy said...

For those of you keeping track, that's:

Maine: Vacationland
Atlantic City: America's Favorite Playground
Las Vegas: What Happens With You and a Hooker at 3am in Vegas, Stays in Vegas
Reno: The Biggest Little Piece of Crap in the Western Hemisphere

and of course
New York: You Probably Won't Die in a Subway Explosion

Monkey said...

Slappy... thank you for the breakdown. I was having trouble playing here at home with my copy of Jiggs Casey USA Trivia.