Friday, October 21, 2005

More news of the stupid

I can't figure out who is dumber: the guy who put $80,000 in his suitcase and then checked it in at the airport, or the airport screener who tried to steal it.


Lex said...


Hell I'm just imagining what i could do with that kind of cash.

God said...

Are you really as cute as your picture? You're a hunk!

jiggs said...

If I had that amount of money, I would probably buy a jewel encrusted bullhorn.

allison said...

i'm going to go with the airport screener

larin von smartass said...

the guy.
has he never seen a heist movie? you always handcuff the suitcase to the wrist, you dont ever CHECK the bag!

and the screener, why the hell would he go back to his job! he's just asking to be caught. get the hell out of the country, its only pakistan, what are you really going to miss?

but the guy is definately dumber. i think 80G fits in the overhead bin

slappy said...

Yeah, all the movies I've seen, even if the bag makes it through the screener, it just busts open on the tarmack and all of the bills scatter all over the runway.