Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jiggs Needs

The hot new game that's flying around the "internet" is "x needs". Type "(your name) needs" into google with the quotes and figure out what you need. With respect to "jiggs needs":

1. Jiggs needs the socialization!
I need to interact with people, and I also need the form of government.

2. Please if you have what Jiggs needs, write me. He is black and white with some tan markings, 35 lbs., and just the goofiest, loving thing you'll ever meet.
I'm a sexy whore.

3. Jiggs needs to clean her room but she keeps getting distracted by her friends.
A whore with ADD

4. My jiggs needs some european fun!
And by European fun, I hope they mean Belgian whores.

5. Have a go and find the cheapest, discount Jiggs imaginable! So come buy with Bid-On-Auctions for all your Jiggs needs.
Doesn't this one make you think that I'm a whore?

1 comment:

Monkey said...

Jiggs! You're so tiny! 35lbs, this changes everything. Can I get you a little carrying case? A little Tinkerbell wardrobe?