Monday, October 17, 2005

Jiggs and I...

are going to go see Bob Saget tonight.

It should be pretty hilarious, I would assume.

We'll report back later.


Calzone said...

I hear that Bob Saget does this thing in his act where he's all like " then I was" and the crowd is like "Whoa" Then he's all "yeah" Then the crowds all laughin and shit.

Monkey said...

Did you and Jiggs see "The Aristocrats"? I heard tell that he was quite amusing in that movie.

jiggs said...

Ya we saw aristocrats. Both Saget and the movie in general were pretty fucking funny. Saget's show is for "mature audiences only" according to the flyer.

Monkey said...

"mature audiences only"

I would hope so! Are you taking your fake ID?

captain_howdy_girl said...

calzone you are shitastic!

I just want to share I have to type: