Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's Official.....I'm a Jiggsblogonian

Man people are lame! Don't you sometimes wish you could get restraining orders on internet-stalkers?? I've got 99 problems and all 99 are internet psychos!

On a lighter note, thanks for adding me to this "Intellectual Posse." This will be very interesting since I'm not much of an intellectual. Oh well...I like to spice things up which is exactly what I plan on doing.

fasten your seatbelts


Monkey said...

Welcome AP. Not all of us are intellectuals. Some of us are monkeys.

slappy said...

I thought you were an intellectual monkey. Or you could choose to become our monkey-intellectual. We span from pseudo-intellectual to anti-intellectual here.

And per AP's blessings, I am posting this wearing no pants. My co-workers are not pleased.

allison said...

i love monkeys. especially ones that throw their own crap.

maybe we should all start posting in "slappy fashion." Is it liberating?

Alistair! said...

Didn't Mazlow do his studies on human sexuality by studying monkeys and found that they were bisexual?

allison said...

all i know is that jiggsy somehow managed to find one that smokes. unbelievable.

actually it isn't that unbelievable. weren't we all apes like a million years ago?

jiggs said...

Speak for yourself AP. I'm not descendend from apes. I'm descended from a rare species known as JoeyLawrencia.

And monkey: some people are both monkeys and intellectuals.

I, myself, am a pseudo-intellectual. If you get me going, I can talk for two hours about Proust and actually make you dumber.

jiggs said...

"Slappy Fashion" is a hilarious euphemism for not wearing pants.

I would be posting in slappy fashion, but right now I'm wearing a pink tutu.

psquared said...

Harlow - it was part of the wire monkey experiment.


Alistair! said...

Wired monkeys p2? These two are wired enough. Now they got a girl as part of the team they're gonna be showing off, demonstrating their red arses and yellow canines at each other all the time. At least Jiggs is semi-sane. Proust? Anyonme can spout Proust, he was a windbag...now let's talk of Nietzsche and how it relates to Allison's predicament. A Nietzschian aphorism for you:
"The value of insipid opponents. At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid."

jiggs said...

I've got a little Nietzsche for you:

My genius lies in my nostrils.

From 'Why I am so Wise'

If you want more jiggscasey.com thoughts on Nietzsche, try:


Monkey said...

I confess that I am a pseudo-intellectual Monkey. Like Jiggs I can discuss obscure works of art and symbolism in Virginia Woolf's work until your eyes cross and your armpits go numb.

Thank you AP. I love throwing poop, and "Slappy Fashion" is all the rage here in Maine.

Maslow could have saved himself a lot of time and the foundations from which he got his grants a lot of money, if they had just asked me. Hell yes I'm bisexual! Transgendered even.

Harlow was a barbarian! A barbarian I tell you!!

My genius lies in your face.

jiggs said...

My genius lies in your face

This is super fucking funny. I'm laughing as I type this.

Alistair! said...

That one's been bookmarked Jiggs. As we say in Britland "Funny as fuck".

Melliferous Pants said...

AP, Sorry to hear about your stalker.

Is it possible for a descendent of JoeyLawrencia make us feel dumber?