Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In the news...

Nicholas Cage named his new kid "Kal-el" which was superman's birth name on krypton. As if there wasn't enough pressure being Nicholas Cage's son. Now he's got to live up to Superman.

This Indian guy lived with his dead mother for 20 years until he finally died. They were buried together. I wonder if this guy ever tried to bring a lady home... "Don't mind her. That's just my dead mother. Say 'hello' mother. Don't be rude now."

And finally, something for Monkey: This Chinese chimp finally quit smoking after 16 years. The chimp initially started smoking because she felt glamorous and more mature. The obvious question for Monkey is this: would you date a chimp that smoked?


Friends of McDougal said...

Hey, I'm having a little party and thought you guys might like to stop by some time.

Fred said...

dont go! i went to your last one you bastard, i still have difficulty walking.

Monkey said...

In the past I have dated chimps that smoked, but they were always polite enough to smoke outside.

My concern here is the "lax animal rights" situation in China. What kind of torture did they subject this poor woman to? They made her quit smoking without the patch?? I'm calling the World ASPCA unit immediately.

And McDougal... or his friend... or his whomever you are, I'll attend that damn party when the man puts a decent shirt on and stops imitating a howler monkey into a microphone.

allison said...

that totally reminds me of that old school movie where the woman is stabbed in the shower by the "inn keeper" and he lives with his dead mother.

Calzone said...

Hitchcock was totally old school mos def.

allison said...

Psycho right?? just googled it. The newer version featured the

back to hetero with baby chick.

jiggs said...

Yo AP: I don't know if I'm following your last post. The most recent version of psycho did what?

Friends of McDougal said...

I think AP's been taking some of my pills.

allison said...

The movie Psycho..the newer version starring Ann Heche.....the real "flip-flopper"

I'm gay
No I'm Straight
Wait I'm really a hardcore lesbian
Ok maybe just bi
No, I'm straight i think i'll get married and have a baby.

slappy said...

I'll quote/paraphrase Dennis Miller on this one:

Come down off the fence. Pick a hole and stick with it. I don't care what you fuck, just fuck it regularly.

Then there was something about Robespierre and Napoleon III sharing a bagel in Dresden... he lost me there.

jiggs said...

OK AP. That makes complete sense now. I forgot about anne heche being in that movie.