Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm back douchebags

I got back from New York today. No more rain. No more sleeping on a concrete floor.

I did have lots of fun, though. I saw a lot of good music, good art and had a lot of good alcohol.

And by the way, Lee Ann, your suggestion of going to McSorley's was right on the money.


Pete said...

did u have as much fun in new york as i did in amsterdam? i dont think so.

Calzone said...

Did you take my suggestion about where to get whores?

allison said...

you slept on a concrete floor? ouch

slappy said...

Ah, the concrete floor. Gotta love Casa de Flavorson.

Word ver: bxpwhd - Bishop takes pawn? What the hell, Danny?

jiggs said...

There was no way i could have had as much fun as Fred did in Amsterdam.

With regard to the concrete floor:

The first night I slept in a sleeping bag directly on the floor. My whole body was sore because all night long I was grinding my bones down into a fine powder against this floor.

Then the next night I realized that the cushions on the chairs in the room were held on by velcro, so off they came so that I could sleep on them. Even though it wasn't the most comfortable set up in the world, it was like receivig 10000 blowjobs in comparison to the first night.

And no, I've never received 10000 blowjobs. I'm just extrapolating.

Lee Ann said...

Welcome back!
Hope you had fun. I wasn't sure if McSorley's is still there. It has been many years since I was there. McSorley's was one of the oldest bars in NY, they only served light and dark beer and swiss cheese and onions on crackers for snacks. The dust was so thick on the lights and you could smell the years of ale soaking into the wood floors. Oh yeah, there was only one restroom that was used by both men and women. Very interesting place! Glad you are back and in your own bed.

Selina said...

Oh are a stallion!!! When are you coming back for more oats?

Calzone said...

Alistair the sexy centaur wants to fuck all of us!!!! except for allison and Lee ann of course

slappy said...

Hey everybody! Looks like the old Calzone is back! Welcome back, my dirty dirty friend.