Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'd like to bring down the level of our blog if I may

This is one of those instances where I find irrefutable proof that I am not a grown-up. A labmate needs to machine a metal piece for his reactor; he has to bore some holes into the block with a high degree of precision. It turns out that you can't get that kind of precision with a drill bit, so you need a special tool. It's called a reamer.

My labmate bought an eight-inch reamer.

And I can't stop giggling.


allison said...

that is hilarious. you should use this as an opportunity to constantly ask him if he has his 8 inch reamer with him.....or ask him if he's satisfied with his reamer. i would have a field day.

slappy said...

I'm hoping it becomes a theme down here in lab.

allison said...

we need to make up a theme song. what's this guys name...or nickname?

Lex said...

Oh fuck that's funny.

I have heard that term used before regarding tools.

You know even the word tool is funny.

jiggs said...

slappy, you could ask this guy the following questions:

Do you ever accidentally sit on your 8 inch reamer?

Is an 8 inch reamer more or less impressive than a 10 inch pianist?

Can I put your 8 inch reamer in my mouth, but not in a gay way but rather a we're-men-playing-football sort of way.

Lee Ann said... funny!

Friends of McDougal said...

'tain't no thang, Slappy.

I'm teachin' a class on business case studies this semester, and my students have to give "oral presentations."

Only, I can't bring myself to say "oral presentations" in front of a room full of people.

So I say "verbal presentations."

And that just sounds silly.

Also, tomorrow, I have to cover a case on Black & Decker, which talks at length about "market penetration."

I may just rig my laptop to play 70s porn music every time I say penetration or oral.

Or I'll just blush and giggle like I did when the girl brought up "gynecological issues" when we talked about WebMD.

I should not be permitted to teach anything exccept how to mainline narcotics behind the 7/11.