Saturday, October 22, 2005

Go Big Blue, show what you can do

Everybody, meet Oski. At least, New Oski. My "picture" would be Old Oski for comparison. So you may wonder what it's like to be a Cal fan. To summarize, it's like watching an undefeated team with BCS bowl aspirations one week, and then six or seven key injuries later you're looking at a team that might struggle to make the Emerald Nuts Bowl. It's like watching a Cal-Washington State game where Cal gets an easy 28-10 lead at the half, decides no, we'd rather suck our own dicks during the second half, and fall behind 38-28, only to mount a comeback in the final five minutes to win 42-38.

To summarize the summary, I feel like I'm going to throw up. Go Bears.

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Booty J Patrol said...

One year, we're going to get a good team, a good coach, and no key injuries, all in the same year. We've been getting closer every year -- it's bound to happen any year now. Rose Bowl!