Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Getting rid of the lexicon's not so fresh feeling

As monkey points out, we must keep the lexicon fresh. We need new words for a new era. Thus we've been working on coming up with new words. Here are a few of them:

embiggen: To make bigger Suggested by Jiggs

reconotice: It's like telling someone they better recongnize and take notice all in one. Suggested by Ms. Pants

furrify: It's when a cat sits on your lap and leaves you impossibly furry. (Or a dog. Or a monkey.) Suggested by monkey

The hungry goat: A sex act whose exact details have yet to be defined. The key idea behind the name, though, is that goats will eat anything. Suggested by Jiggs


Booty J Patrol said...

Are you still trying to make that hungry goat thing happen? Face it, Jiggs, it just isn't happening. No one wants to eat something that requires a euphemisim.

Calzone said...

Love the hungry goat, in fact I'll be using it regularly. I also dig

wolf and piggy-the act of chasing a somewaht unwilling sexual partner around the room, house, or neighborhood



dog pound-makes sayin dog cooler

and of course popularizing the word douche. example....if you receive 10 inches of snow. "Man...we really got douched by snow last night.

Monkey said...

"Feceism" is the art of poop. Poop art, if you will.

jiggs said...

I have a feeling that you play wolf and piggy a lot, eh Calzone?

monkey: I really like "feceism". Someone that practices feceism is a "feceist", presumably.

My word verification is "elned" which is spanish for "the ned"

Monkey said...

Yes, much like the dadaists and the impressionists, the feceists were much misunderstood at first.

The feceists had the last laugh when one of their sculptures sold for over $90 million at Christies in 1994. Oh what a time that was.

Melliferous Pants said...

I bet you like to conversate.

jeff said...

Hardly cromulent of you to claim the word "embiggen" as your own, when clearly it's lifted from the Simpsons.

jiggs said...

Ahh "Jeff" you might be right. I wasn't consciously taking from the Simpsons, but I do like stealing things.

Fred said...

i was gonna point that out. now i feel redundant.